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From Store to Big Data Storage: Interview with George Shaw of RetailNext on Retail Big Data

- Syncsort

It’s not as nuanced as it used to be. The RetailNext platform is a “big data” analytical platform, but it’s very much built by retailers for retailers. The last couple of years, we’ve seen a trend in the convergence and integration of data needs from across the retail organization. Loss prevention, marketing, retail operations – all the functions are realizing the benefits of making data-driven decisions, and as such, there is an emphasis on investing in solutions that can be seamlessly integrated and scaled. It’s not an “IT thing” anymore. Rather, it’s a key strategic and tactical decision-making tool across all functions. The RetailNext APIs are pretty robust, and they’re designed to seamlessly integrate, inbound and outbound, to systems. In the end, its about collecting and aggregating relevant data streams, synthesizing and analyzing the data, and facilitating better decision-making.

Moogsoft Chosen by RetailNext to Assure IoT-based, Big Data Analytics Services

- Market Wired

RetailNext is at the forefront of a new generation of successful businesses capitalizing on the intersection of Big Data analytics with the Internet of Things (IoT). RetailNext provides retailers, malls and manufacturers with real-time data on product consumption and shopping behavior to identify opportunities for growth.

“RetailNext is the industry leader in providing in-store analytics to retailers, and the quality and reliability of our software and service is at the heart of our business,” said Harry Manley, head of customer support at RetailNext. “Moogsoft provides our team with a critical enabling technology, helping us scale to meet our business goals while delivering the highest quality service possible.”

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