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6 Ways to Improve Business Operations Using Indoor Location Data

- Street Fight Magazine

Consumers have indicated that they’re ready for indoor location marketing, and retailers are, too. But when businesses consider the costs of investing in indoor location technology, they need to look at the complete picture. In addition to serving as a way to send targeted promotions and offers to customers in-store, location analytics tools may provide insight that can be used to improve operations and optimize in-store services. Dwells are being employed more and more often, and it’s a data collection solution that is rapidly evolving and becoming more expansive in the data it can gather. Dwells are defined areas within a store, and the data collected measures shoppers interactions and engagement with the merchandise and displays that are contained within the dwell space. Armed with that data, a retailer can consider a number of strategies, from changing the display appearance and merchandise selection, to developing signage and changing staffing levels.” (George Shaw, RetailNext)

3 Incredible Big Data Heat Maps

- Dataconomy

Visualising big data can often be a handy tool for upper level management. In a matter of seconds, you can see flu trends, popular areas in a city, internet outages, web fraud, what is popular in your shop, and much more. Handling huge amounts of data is usually restricted to a specialised few, but with heat maps, data becomes accessible to everyone. We have compiled a list of 3 heat maps that simplify massive data sets into neat visualizations. RetailNext is a fascinating example of “offline” analytics. The company offers a visualisation of customer behaviour in retail stores. The areas that are red represent the places where customers spend the most time. Through this information, retail stores can understand what product placements are working, see whether a sales campaign was successful, and even gauge whether the store should be re-organised.

Verve Mobile And RetailNext Combine Location And Analytics Capabilities

- Retail Touch Points

Verve Mobile, a location-based mobile advertising company, and RetailNext, a provider of in-store analytics solutions, have partnered to combine their solution capabilities for brick-and-mortar customers. “Now, a physical retailer can reach a shopper with an ad based on their location and context, invite the consumer to visit a store nearby or incent them with a special offer,” added Alexei Agratchev, CEO of RetailNext. “By leveraging advanced RetailNext in-store analytics technology, retailers are equipped to understand the performance and effects of location-based marketing efforts.”

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