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5 ways retailers are tracking you

- CNN Money

Cameras aren’t just for deterring shoplifting. Video analytics can tell a retailer the age and gender of shoppers, what they touch and where they go in a store. 

“We had a store targeting the Millennial crowd when it turned out it was Gen X shopping there,” said Shelley Kohan, vice president of retail consulting at RetailNext.

Can Better Data Stop The “Coming Physical Retail Death Spiral”


RetailNext, a data analytics firms that works exclusively with retailers, is one of the change agents helping retailers survive the great commerce evolution. In a podcast interview with Webster, RetailNext’s CEO Alexei Agratchev and Head of Business Analytics Chitra Balasubramanian explained that when their firm first launched 7 years ago they had a simple goal – to give physical retailers access to the same kind of information that their online counterparts routinely capture and use.

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