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Loss Prevention

Reduce shrink with integrated loss prevention.

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Today’s retail stores are challenged by increasingly sophisticated theft and fraudulent schemes. Multiple, isolated solutions are not only costly, they cannot keep pace. RetailNext Loss Prevention unifies retail video analytics with POS exception reporting to simplify and improve monitoring, investigation, and prosecution for each incident.

Harness the full power of video
View live and recorded video for any store. Collect, save, and export all content related to each case.
Analyze exceptions
Automated POS exception reporting identifies events per employee, by location and provides "one-click" access to related video.
Capture critical events
Trigger automatic video recording from Electronic Asset Surveillance (EAS), door alarms, and more.
Accelerate action on the go
Send real-time alerts to virtually any device including in-store messaging systems, pagers and mobile devices for monitoring on the go.
Maximize operational ROI
Reduce capital costs by over 40% by seamlessly integrating new and existing loss prevention hardware including cameras, storage, EAS, and alarms while improving case efficiency.