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Today, 56% of US smartphone owners use their mobile device to shop. As a result, mobile shopping continues to be a top retail industry trend and has reinvented the online and in-store shopping experience for consumers. Retailers are challenged with transforming the mobile device from being a showrooming competitive tool to one that enriches the overall shopper engagement experience. Effective mobile engagement requires retailers to present shoppers with a targeted, relevant experience that encourages conversion, drives larger basket size and promotes higher transaction value.

The RetailNext Shopper Engagement solution is the only retail mobile marketing solution to leverage both online and in-store shopping behavior data. This omnichannel data driven solution enables retailers to provide relevant, time-sensitive offers and product information through the mobile device.

Engage mobile shoppers
Deliver a targeted, relevant in-store mobile experience designed to drive conversion, increase basket size, and encourage higher spend.
Efficiently engage everywhere
Create high-impact interactions across all channels: SMS, e-mail, in-store Wi-Fi, beacons, and more.
Make it personal
Deliver increasingly personalized, relevant offers with a solution that gets smarter with every transaction.
Leverage online and in-store behavior
Combine online and in-store shopping behavior analytics to personalize mobile interactions and offers.
Expand your shopper insights
Use Wi-Fi analytics to understand shopper loyalty through visit duration, new vs. repeat shopper metrics. Analyze mobile browsing activity for shopper engagement insights.