Comprehensive In-Store Analytics


Traffic Counting & Conversion

Accurately measure retail traffic throughout the store to drive sales growth.

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Today’s retail reality demands that brick-and-mortar stores no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone. They must also provide a better customer experience. Traffic counting is critical for addressing this challenge, and retailers are rapidly adopting in-store analytics to gain deeper insights about shoppers at the door and throughout the store.

RetailNext Traffic Counting and Conversion, the most advanced retail traffic counting technology and analytics solution available, goes beyond other simple retail traffic counters and provides data throughout the store. With this data, Store Operations Managers gain access to powerful shopping analytics uncovering insights on shopper behavior throughout the store, which drive significant gains to conversion rates and average transaction value.

Boost sales productivity
Automatically calculate conversion rates and identify norms, trends, and outliers. Easily identify high/low performers by comparing store measures across regions for any time range (day, week, year).
Optimize staffing
Improve conversion and maintain level of service while keeping labor costs low by identifying traffic cycles across the day, week, or year.
Achieve industry-leading accuracy
Improved sensors and staff exclusion capabilities combine to deliver the industry’s best accuracy, yielding greater insights on shopper metrics (new vs. repeat, average visit duration).
Integrate with existing hardware
Deploys quickly and easily with pre-existing cameras, time-and-attendance systems, and most POS systems. Supports a variety of formats (kiosks, store-within-a-store) and sizes (departmental, store-wide).