Boosting Shopper Traffic to Your Retail Store

Stella Lincoln
Guest Contributor

A key for every brick-and-mortar store is attracting – and keeping – high quality shopper traffic, and a handful of time-tested and proven tactics can prove beneficial to your long-term business health.

Stuffing your store with all kinds of products is good, but a retailer needs to know how to be more appealing towards shoppers as well. Simply put, more shopper traffic provides more opportunities to maximize your sales.

Retailers often find it difficult however to drive more traffic into their stores. Below are a few proven tips to help solve for this problem.

Train Your Employees

If your store associates are well-trained, then it is a big plus for your store. Once you manage to get shoppers into your store, then it is the job your employees to provide the best possible services. Their duties include:

  • Being well-behaved
  • Guiding shoppers through the store
  • Answering shopper inquiries
  • Providing attentive and prompt responses to visitors’ needs
  • and much more

If all of this is done efficiently, you will be able to retain your customers for a long time.

Design Eye-Catching Displays

Displays are usually the first things people notice about your store. Therefore, make sure you invest enough time and effort to produce creative and unique presentations. Lastly, make your exhibition section as shiny and reflective as possible, as you should consider installing focused lamps, attracting the attention of shoppers even from quite some distance away. Remember, the first impression is often the last impression. Make yours a worthwhile one.

Offer Location-Based Services

Survey the location of your store carefully and offer services and products according to the needs of the people living in the surrounding community. Naturally, people will visit your store more from the area where it is located, so you should keep their preferences in mind.

Introduce Yourself Online

An engaging online presence is so important these days. With consumers and brands so actively engaged on the internet, shoppers might very likely never notice you if you don’t have an online availability.

  • Focus on local SEO so as to effectively target nearby shoppers and increase the chances of getting more foot traffic. After doing a local search, 50 percent of users visit the local business within 24 hours.
  • Social media is one of the most effective platforms to market your business today. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have revolutionized retail marketing in a short period time. Activate your brand on all these platforms. Apart from marketing, social media is the best place to be in touch with your followers and translate the online engagements into physical engagements.
  • Consider using content service providers like CrowdWriter if you find difficulty engaging your target audience online.

Provide Free Delivery

Just to reinforce the importance of free shipping, 96 percent of people would shop from a store that offers free shipping.

Sometimes, it is difficult to manage the cost of this service. Salary of a rider, fuel of the vehicle, its repair and maintenance – everything costs. If you can’t afford free delivery on every single sale, then make it the part of a decent offer. But, by all means, keep a window open for this facility.

Display Your Best Items at the Window(s)

Whatever product lines you are selling, the best quality of those lines should be made available at the windows of your store. That way, shoppers will find it hard to ignore stepping into the store. Ensure your shop’s windows are clean, effectively decorated to garner attention and engage shoppers, and frequently updated in order to remain fresh for your shoppers – it will send positive vibes about your store to passersby.

Produce a Seminar

If shoppers are fully aware of the benefits of your products, then they are likely to show more interest towards your brand and your offerings. Even if you don’t generate enough revenue initially through event hosting, it will be beneficial in the long run. You can further influence people through seminars by inviting well-reputed figures as guest speakers and presenters.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

Today’s shoppers don’t quite fit in at a place without a Wi-Fi connection. Shopping journeys are connected journeys, with people browsing and comparing, accessing data from different sites, and even sending pictures of shoes, shirts and other products to gauge their friends’ opinions. Plus, if shoppers’ needs are met with internet connectivity, they’ll remain in the store longer, not only providing you more opportunity, but giving your store a busy look as well.

A frequent problem in retail is that a store may have Wi-Fi available, yet shoppers don’t notice its availability and utilize the service. Create visible signage, and ensure the network name and password are both easily readable and simple to enter – long, convoluted passwords will turn shoppers off.

Draft an Email List

Even in this era of social media, emails have maintained their relevance. This landmark highlights the importance of email marketing. On social media, you might have to scroll up and down a lot to find the post, but emails are always on target.

There is email automation software in place which makes it even easier for you to look after your customers. You can schedule reminders for new and old clients accordingly with different offers. Better still, rewarding customers who subscribe to your emails.

Use Influencers & Brand Ambassadors

People tend to believe the words of those who they know and or respect more so than the advertising claims of corporations. Luckily for retailers, there are plenty of people connected to robust, engaged communities. Hire them and use their reputations in your favor. They might charge bit more upfront, but the amount proves to be peanuts in the long run.

Provide social media-friendly settings for spontaneous pictures and posts, mentioning your brand and any relevant hashtags. Moreover, if a celebrity or any social media influencer drops in your store, use her presence for marketing your business – make a request for a short video praising your store and products, and encouraging others to visit. Of course, be sure to respond back to those who mention you on social media, not only expanding the reach of posts, but encouraging influencers to continue to engage your brand.

About the writer: Stella Lincoln holds a master’s degree in marketing and works as a marketing director at AcademistHelp and MHRWriters. She is into writing and writes her own blog at Educator House. The author has a cute pair of puppies.

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