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Mid-Holiday Retail Report

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

It's not too late for retailers to execute and come out on top for Holiday 2014. Here's a quick mid-Holiday report on what's happened and what to expect (and do!).

Like recent years past, the Holiday season has had plenty of newsworthy events since rolling in. Maybe the biggest news has been when the season started, not with big events during the Thanksgiving weekend, but with promotions starting the Saturday before, or even Saturday, November 1.

Shelley E. Kohan, RetailNext’s vp of retail consulting, and Lakshmi Datta, business analytics, offer up a quick review of Holiday-to-date, and gives retailers an idea of what to expect – and do! – in the remaining weeks of the season. 

Watch the five-minute mid-Holiday report, below:

2014 RetailNext Mid-Holiday Report from RetailNext on Vimeo.

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