Preparing for Holiday 2018 [WEBINAR PREVIEW]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

What’s more challenging than the start to 2018? How about the holiday season and end of 2018! Make your plans to attend the August 9 webinar, “Preparing for Holiday 2018," to learn how to make retail’s most critical season the most wonderful time of the year.

Over the past decade, shoppers have changed dramatically, and with it, they’ve changed shopping. But, hey, let’s get serious – the industry has lagged a bit behind shoppers during this entire shopper-led retail revolution. For proof points, just look at the headlines of the past 36 months – much more doom and gloom than success and celebration.

One holdover from the past is the importance of the holiday shopping season on the calendars of both shoppers and retailers. There’s been plenty of pressure the past few years to run strong, profitable businesses year around, but for the industry in general, it’s been difficult to break its addiction to the holiday season.

For many brands heading into holiday 2018, the holiday season has never been more important. It’s literally “make it or break it” time.

How well prepared is your retail brand?

The next installment of the 2018 RetailNext Webinar Series, Preparing for Holiday 2018, is designed to talk to retailers about one thing and one thing only – actionable strategies to make the most of the holiday season opportunity.

Scheduled for Thursday, August 9, Preparing for Holiday 2018 will feature the insights of two RetailNext retail experts, Lauren Bitar, Head of Retail Consulting, and Rachelle Benson, Training and Development Manager.

Preparing for Holiday 2018 will take participants on a journey through the following discussion points:

  • The macroeconomic environment and an overview of the retail landscape
  • A look back at recent holiday seasons past and the lessons learned
  • An in-depth look at 2018’s holiday season calendar and the opportunities – and pitfalls – that await
  • An examination of the actions you can take now to make the most of the holiday season opportunity
  • A takeaway checklist of holidays dos and don’ts

Together, Lauren and Rachelle will lead a spirited discussion, not only between themselves, but with the questions, comments and input from webinar participants too. Ultimately, participants will leave with an understanding of key market insights and a specific to-do list of opportunities to maximize shopper experience, shopper service and, ultimately, store sales in this most important season of the retail calendar.

Register today to participate in this week’s webinar, and also look for the recorded webinar on demand to be available for watching.

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