Retail Performance Pulse: Stores Bounce Back a Bit in April

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

The newest Retail Performance Pulse is available, and while it shows physical retail benefited from an extra selling day when Easter fell into the previous month, sales did decline year-over-year on falling store traffic.

The newest RetailNext Performance Pulse is available, detailing brick-and-mortar store performance in the continental United States for the retail month of April (April 3-30 on retail’s 4-5-4 calendar). For the month, sales decreased 3.6 percent on a 6.5 percent decline in traffic from April of 2015.

Pulse table - April 2016

Many retailers benefited from an additional shopping day in April 2016, as this year’s Easter holiday fell in March (as opposed to April in 2015). As usual, the holiday drove retail performance, and the first week of April experienced year-over-year increases in transaction, sales and Sales per Shopper (SpS).

Comparing March and April 2016 to a year ago showed a 6.2 percent drop in sales off a 8.2 percent decrease in store traffic.

Conversion and Sales per Shopper both increased in April, rising 0.2 percent and 3.1 percent, respectively. But, regionally, the country saw a wide range of retail performance.

Pulse map graph - April 2016

Download your copy of the Retail Performance Pulse for a complete picture of physical retail’s results for the month of April.

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