‘Selling’ Isn’t a Bad Word: Tips to Avoid Aversion When Selling in Retail [INFOGRAPHIC]

Alison Choe
Alison Choe

In today’s retail world, it’s difficult to effectively sell and build relationships with customers. However, keeping in mind approaches such as reframing the sales process to focus on the shopper and engaging with informed shoppers can help reduce challenges when selling to shoppers.

Selling in retail is not easy. Customers can be difficult and if you are the only one running your business, it might not be the skill set you are most comfortable with.

However, reframing the selling process can help make the process smoother and more effective. For example, it is important to tailor the selling process for your shopper and not your product. Moreover, in today’s retail environment, shoppers are increasingly empowered and well-informed with product reviews and more. When interacting with shoppers, learn more about their current understanding of the product, their lifestyle and their pressing questions in order to personalize recommendations. It’s crucial to keep in mind the sales process is about the relationship with the shopper, rather than closing the deal right away.

To emphasize this approach with sales associate teams, it is wise to invest in training to set a strong foundation for shoppers to form a meaningful connection with your brand.

To learn more strategies to sell successfully in retail, check out the infographic below from Sparkle Training, “Retail Tips: 5 Ways to Avoid Aversion When Selling.”

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