Every successful business has different strategies bringing them success. But, no matter how diverse their strategies are and no matter how big they have become, they all have one thing in common – they started as a newbie and have been where your business is now. Discover tools and insight below for opening your retail store.


[EBOOK] Opening a Retail Store: Pop-Up Shops


How to Host a Killer In-Store Event for Your Retail Shop

5 Surefire Strategies to Help You Hire the Best Salespeople

Boosting Success for Your New Retail Business


Retail Market Research for Opening Your First Store (and Beyond!)

Emma Miller | October 17, 2017
As the retail market constantly evolves and expands, keeping track of trends by conducting regular market research pays off in the long run, resulting in better conversion rates and a higher ROI. READ MORE

The 5 Best-Kept Secrets Nobody Tells You About Opening a Store

Talitha Loftus | September 21, 2017
Opening a brick-and-mortar store can be an intimidating process, but a handful of simple considerations can go a long way to setting you and your brand up for success. READ MORE

[EBOOK] Opening a Retail Store: Staffing Your Stores

Sales associates deliver upon the living, breathing day-to-day promise of your retail space. Whatever your vision for branding and environment, they are the people who bring it to fruition. Staffing properly is a critical component when looking at the big picture of your retail space, and effective staffing requires a clear understanding of your brand, a keen examination of personality, and when all’s said and done, a healthy dose of patience. READ MORE

Common Mistakes Retailers Make Using In-Store Signage

Steve A. Parker | July 28, 2017
Until LED screens become as affordable as paper, there will be a place for the humble but effective in-store sign, and retailers need to ensure their in-store signage is as effective as it can be. READ MORE

[EBOOK] Retail Analytics 101

In-store analytics transforms retail stores into shopper engagement centers. Comparable to analytics platforms long available to e-commerce merchants, comprehensive in-store analytics add dimensionality and texture to previously staid traffic counts, delivering actionable insights and enabling retailers to better develop and execute upon strategies to enhance the overall shopping experience, build and foster shopper retention and loyalty, and, ultimately, increase sales and profits. READ MORE

5 Retail Customer Service Tips to Grow Sales

Gloria Kopp | June 19, 2017
When sales disappoint despite concerted promotions and marketing, an opportunity may lie with your retail staff, and training them in building rapport, ensuring they present the right attitude and getting help when needed it can make all the difference. READ MORE

Improving Retail Results Using Performance Metrics

To operate retail enterprises more effectively, it’s critical to have performance metrics to manage toward. Sales might be the ultimate metric and end goal, but it’s very difficult to manage sales efficiently without having more foundational “stepping stone” performance metrics to guide you toward your sales objectives. READ MORE

The Basic Principles of Visual Merchandising

Emma Miller | May 17, 2017
Good visual merchandising makes a store stand out and attracts shoppers, and the only thing needed to realize its potential is a little creativity. READ MORE

Background Screening Tips: What to Look for When Hiring for the Retail Industry

Christian Moore | February 14, 2017
For retail professionals, smart hiring is among the most important actions for ensuring customer safety, minimizing theft and protecting the brand’s reputation. READ MORE

Digital PR Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness

Charile Marchant | October 20, 2017
While the digital world is often mistakenly viewed as a threat to brick-and-mortar retail, creative digital PR strategies are effective in making store brand awareness soar. READ MORE

Opening a Store: Staffing

Rachelle Benson | September 15, 2017
When looking at the big picture of your retail store, a critical component is your staff, and a few quick tips can help ensure your store delivers the magical shopping experiences all shoppers deserve – the first time and every time. READ MORE

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