Comprehensive In-Store Analytics



The most advanced in-store analytics solution available.

People Counting & Conversion

Accurately measure the traffic inside your store. RetailNext offers the most robust people counting technology and analysis available for retail. The foot traffic analytics extend beyond simple entrance counting to measure numerous data points about shoppers.

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Staffing Optimization

Properly align your labor hour allocation to customer demand. RetailNext fully integrates with your store's time and attendance systems, ensuring that you always have the right amount of staff on hand, exactly when and where you need them.

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Shopper Activity Maps

Learn how shoppers move once they enter your store. RetailNext offers a number of solutions to help you visualize and better understand in-store shopper activity through unique store maps that show shopper engagement, movement, and paths taken within the store.

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Display & Window Effectiveness

Benefit from visibility into the effectiveness of window displays and in-store merchandising techniques with factual metrics that measure performance of various campaigns. Compare and contrast various merchandising schemes and marketing campaigns for deeper understanding of which programs resonate with the customer and deliver results.

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Shopper Engagement

Deliver timely and relevant communications to your shoppers without need for a mobile app. The RetailNext suite of personalized mobile marketing tools and wifi analytics allows you to more effectively engage shoppers with messages that matter to them most.

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Mobile In-Store Analytics

Quantify the impact of showrooming in your store. RetailNext gives you deep insights into the mobile browsing behaviors of customers seeking better deals online while in your store and engaged with your brand.

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Gain a clear view of your shopper segments and how they change over time. RetailNext ShopperBase gives you powerful tools to understand your customers on a deeper level, with detailed and comprehensive information on their demographics, geography, and cross-store spending--all in real time.

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Video Management

Get the most out of your investment in existing infrastructure. RetailNext provides a powerful capability in loss prevention video recording for analog and IP cameras. Benefit from features normally found only in designated DVR and NVR products while using generic computing appliances.

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POS Exception Reporting

Benefit from the advantages of a unified analytic platform. RetailNext fully integrates your transaction data with other sources, using powerful capabilities beyond typical POS exception reporting systems.

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Guest Wi-Fi & Personalization

Simplify guest Wi-Fi for your shoppers. With its location-based analytics, RetailNext manages Wi-Fi services that integrate shopper data for more targeted and personalized marketing.

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Enterprise API

Integrate RetailNext seamlessly into your existing business intelligence, marketing automation, or CRM systems. Empower your programmers with our enterprise APIs to make applications and widgets from most of the products in our platform.

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