POS Exception Reporting

Benefit from the advantages of a unified analytic platform.

Your point-of-sale (POS) system is a rich source of information on your store operations. RetailNext takes full advantage by extracting data from all popular POS systems to generate a variety of analytics, including full-featured exception reporting.

Because RetailNext integrates your transaction data with other sources, the platform offers more powerful capabilities than typical POS exception reporting systems. By combining this reporting with other in-store functions, such as traffic counting and loss prevention video, you can realize significant savings in capital expenditures as well as ongoing service and maintenance.


  • Quick, one-click access to the receipt, line item information, and video from every transaction
  • Powerful data mining and preset features with a full search-and-sort function to identify outliers and suspicious transactions
  • Secure, credential-based access to transactional data from desktop or mobile device

By giving you greater visibility into your register and highlighting suspect behaviors, RetailNext helps you reduce shrinkage, internal theft, gift card fraud, and cash shortages. And with instant access to comprehensive information on 100% of transactions, RetailNext enables you to quickly resolve cases and increase the efficiency of your loss prevention staff.