Video Management

Get the most out of your investment in existing infrastructure.

Fully integrated into the RetailNext platform is a versatile capability in loss prevention (LP) video recording for analog and IP cameras. It furnishes powerful features normally found only in designated DVR and NVR products—all while using your existing appliances. By combining in-store analytics and LP functionality into a single solution, you can save considerably on capital expenditures and ongoing costs while installing and maintaining less hardware in stores.


  • Unlimited recording of video streams across any number of stores for at least 30 days
  • Continuous, secure, credential-based access to transactional data from desktop or mobile device
  • Powerful search-and-sort function linked to events and POS transactions

By giving you greater visibility into your register and highlighting suspect behaviors, RetailNext helps you reduce shrinkage, internal theft, credit and gift card fraud, and cash shortages. Instant access to searchable, sortable data and video on 100% of transactions enables you to quickly resolve cases and increase the efficiency of your loss-prevention staff. And with its comprehensive surveillance functionality, RetailNext helps you ensure the safety and security of your staff and customers.