David Brown

Silicon Valley

David Brown is a San Francisco bay area native who has experienced the growth of the technology industry and witnessed its reaching impact on communities firsthand. It was only natural, of course, that he would jump into profession wholeheartedly.

His experience in technology includes the role of director of customer success, where he learned the value of creating a customer-focused culture, espousing the impacts of proactivity and sensible approaches to the adoption of, and training in, technology solutions and services. “I take continued pride in my experience in building teams that share in the vision of a ‘customer-first’ culture and understand that our success is only truly assessed based on the success of our clients,” David states. “Our role is strongly underscored by our ability to fulfill our commitment to be a guiding resource and active participant in the direction of growth on a constant basis.”

David’s direct retail experience comes from his years spent with Converse/Nike as a brand marketing manager, leading and helping regional field teams align on strategies for improving in-store shopper experiences and Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics. Recalls David, “Deep learning and analysis of store sales performance and service standards proved to be vital in creating training objectives and goals for stores to gauge progress and determine action plans to positively impact their overall in-store experience for all customers.”

“Through my time at Converse/Nike, traffic counting and identifying trends and seasonal staffing opportunities were essential to measured growth. Along the way, improvements were not only incentivized, but were quantifiable in a store or region’s ability to drive performance in sales, conversion and customer service. These experiences would solidify, in the coming years, the essential role RetailNext plays in the industry by providing an unrivaled solution that understands the vitality of a cornerstone traffic counting product that is critical in determining effective business and service strategies in retail.”

Through his experiences, David has learned that a guiding principle in both managing clients and customer experiences is rooted in three stages. “First is to create goals, aligning with your clients to conceptualize goals,” says David. “Second is to communicate throughout the deliverables, keeping your clients in the loop and seeing them through obstacles, all the while driving the partnership. Third, and finally, is to crush the expectations, taking any and every opportunity to show that we will go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate our commitment to the promise of excellence in service.”

Outside of work, David has passion for writing songs, singing and playing instruments, and considers himself an all-around audiophile. Additionally, food, sports and travel are all priorities as well.