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A Vision of the Data-Driven Store of the Future

In this webinar, our Head of Research and Development, George Shaw, will discuss the the future of data-driven stores. We are going to cover today's analytics technology and take a glimpse at the future technology applications that drive a smarter retail store.

Imagine a shopper walking into the retail store of tomorrow. In it, she can customize her ideal shopping experience by deciding how personalized the choices are and how involved the sales staff is. All of her shopping needs are quickly predicted and efficiently met. It’s actually the direction in which retail is headed — and it’s not too far away. 

In this webinar, attendees will be presented a vision for what we can expect from the retail store of the future. As analytics technology allows the retail experiences to become increasingly more data-driven, what we imagine as a possibility today is what we’ll enjoy as a reality tomorrow. 

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