Comprehensive In-Store Analytics


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Dwell Analytics: Your Secret Weapon for Increasing Sales

Interior analytics gives you deeper insight into the path to purchase, isolating opportunities to improve store profitability. This webinar explains interior traffic, engagement, “dwelling,” and other keys to this understanding.

If you’re like many retailers, you may have discovered the potential of measuring shopper traffic in your stores. Now you’re ready to begin investigating what happens in your store interiors using dwell analytics.

Dwell analytics is the technology that makes it possible to measure where in the store shoppers stop and engage. It is a critical component in fully understanding the path to purchase. RetailNext Vice President of Insights Chitra Balasubramanian explains how you can use interior store analytics to measure:

  • Traffic to individual departments, sections, aisles, or product categories inside the store
  • The number of shoppers who stop and shop these individual sections
  • The level of shopper engagement with individual fixtures, displays, or signs
  • Conversion rates for shoppers exposed to and engaged with any feature or area of the store