Comprehensive In-Store Analytics


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Dynamically Influence Foot Traffic to Lift Sales and Services

Mobile technology is redefining retail and new, emerging best practices are rapidly being developed. Mobile goes well beyond POS, and includes both opportunities for engaging shoppers in dialogue and measuring localized “path to purchase” behavior.

In this installment of the RetailNext webinar series, attendees will take a deep dive into proximity marketing and promotions through mobile devices, and retailers’ newfound ability to measure and dynamically influence foot traffic and revenue given current staffing, minimize discounting, and evaluate comprehensive programs. Concepts and case studies will include:

  • Collaboration between retailers and brands to promote products/SKUs based on store-level sales data to produce brand—funded foot traffic and higher ATVs
  • Store-level decision-making on promotions of new product lines based on foot traffic and staffing levels
  • Department-level decision-making on promotions of sale items with the department