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Preparing for Holiday 2017

The retail industry’s first half struggles have resulted in an even bigger emphasis on it most important season –Holiday. “Preparing for Holiday 2017” promises to share key insights and opportunities for retail stores to maximize the shopper experience, customer service – and, ultimately, performance – in Q4.

In “Preparing for Holiday 2017,” webinar participants will focus on lessons learned from the ghost of recent Holidays past, as well as current retail and consumer trends. Webinar participants will leave with:

1. An understanding of key macro-level retail trends affecting brick-and-mortar retail
2. A review of lessons learned from Holidays 2014-2016
3. Knowledge of current micro-level shopper trends
4. An action plan of ‘must do’s” for Holiday 2017


Shelley E Kohan
Vice President of Retail Consulting, RetailNext


Julie Bernard, CFA
Chief Marketing Officer, Verve Mobile