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Solution Briefs

Solution Briefs

Conteo de personas y Conversión

La solución “Conteo de tráfico y Conversión” de RetailNext proporciona una sofisticada plataforma de análisis en tienda.

  • Patrones de tráfico, día a día, hora a hora, para detectar pautas, tendencias y valores atípicos
  • Compare cómo afectan al tráfico y la conversión en tienda diferentes acciones de Marketing, el Merchandising el clima


Descargue ahora la descripción para obtener más información acerca de la solución de “Conteo de tráfico” líder en la industria.

Solution Briefs

Shopper Insights

Mejore la experiencia de sus clientes y aumente las ventas con la solución “Shopper Insight” de RetailNext.

  • Mida las tendencias de sus clientes a lo largo del tiempo
  • Haga un seguimiento de la efectividad de las promociones y campañas
  • Conozca los patrones de compra según los datos demográficos o la ubicación de la tienda


Descargue la descripción de la solución ‘Shopper Insights” para obtener más información.

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Webinars (Inglés)

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eBooks & Whitepapers (Inglés)

ES eBook

What Every Retailer Must Know About Traffic 2.0

In years past, store traffic was a simple measure – the number of shoppers who entered the store – and traffic counts were critical in determining core retail metrics like conversion (i.e.; the percentage of shoppers who actually purchased, and calculates as the number of transactions divided by store traffic).

Traffic only told the story of “how many.” Nothing more.

Retailers wanted to know more about their shoppers, but additional data collection included methods like surveying, and was very manual and very expensive.

That was then. This is now.

Traffic 2.0 is the latest generation of traffic counting, and it doesn’t stop at “how many.” Today, it includes “who,” “what,” “where,” and “when,” and when brought all together, goes a long way to determining “why” and “why not”.

Download this ebook to learn more about Traffic 2.0 and how you can implement in your stores today!

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Videos (Inglés)

Featured Customer: Marine Layer

Mason James, Director of Store Operations at Marine Layer, gives an overview of its brand and how it deploys RetailNext solutions to deliver a better shopping experience.

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Case Studies & Testimonials (Inglés)

Case Study (Inglés)

Ensuring Merchandising Compliance from 35,000 Feet

Lolli and Pops is a purveyor of sweetness whose stores are stocked to the rafters with sweets from around the world, sourced from famed producers and local artisans, and changing daily with batch size and availability. 

Lolli and Pops measures the quality of its sweets not only by their origin, but by the memories they stir loose and the smiles they create, and its team in more than 35 locations across the United States are committed to sweetening their customers’ day.

By deploying the RetailNext Merchandising solution, Jessica Mennella, vice president of product at Lolli and Pops, was able to save time and money by remotely accessing merchandising insights, allowing her to observe real-time snapshots of various store locations while making high quality product placement decisions.

Download the case study, Ensuring Merchandising Compliance from 35,000 Feet, to learn more.

Case Study (Inglés)

Improving Store Performance by Better Understanding Traffic & Conversion

Earlier this year, Goodwill Southern California adopted our Traffic 2.0 Solution for each of it’s 78 locations in the greater Los Angeles area. Once attributing low sales and traffic to unseasonably warm weather, the company is now using shopper data to develop proactive plans, systems and processes around protecting and increasing conversion. After identifying key growth opportunities, Goodwill Southern California plans to incorporate additional functionalities of RetailNext’s comprehensive platform in future phases of operations. 

Case Study (Inglés)

Identifying & Capitalizing on Store Performance Opportunities

A global brand with nearly 500 stores sought to better understand its existing business to formulate and implement effective corrective action and continuous improvement strategies.

By deploying RetailNext’s Traffic 2.0 solution in over 100 stores across 7 territories, the brand saw an increase in sales, positive ROI, and in increase in conversion.

Download case study to read more.


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Industry Reports (Inglés)

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