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Transforming Physical Retail

Through recent advancements with in-store analytics, brick-and-mortar retailers are now able to gain the same insights as online retailers. Previously, in-store analytics solutions were not readily available because most of the technology had not yet been developed. Today, with advance cutting-edge technology, companies like RetailNext are transforming physical retail. In-store analytics delivered in a precise, real-time format allow brick-and-mortar retailers to close the gap between on-line customer analytics and physical retail by providing metrics like these:

  • How shoppers behave in brick-and-mortar stores
  • Identification of the drivers behind purchases (and non-purchases)
  • How changes in the store can impact customer experience and sales

As never before, RetailNext has the ability to analyze a comprehensive number of data sources and offer the most comprehensive set of insights in and around physical retail stores. This is changing the way physical retail is operating day-to-day business. And as a result, retailers are investing much more in resources to understand the metrics around how customers shop.