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Solution Briefs

Solution Briefs

Suivi de l’occupation et conformité

Avec les changements sans précédent dans l’industrie du commerce de détail, il est important que la santé et la sécurité des acheteurs et des employés soient au premier plan des magasins.

La solution d’occupation et de surveillance en direct de RetailNext pour le commerce de détail est conçue pour aider les entreprises à se conformer aux directives de distanciation sociale et aux restrictions d’occupation grâce à des rapports automatiques et à des seuils d’occupation configurés. Levez des informations pour offrir des expériences d’achat plus sûres.

Téléchargez la présentation de la solution de suivi d’occupation et de conformité de RetailNext pour en savoir plus!


Solution Briefs

Calcul & Conversion du taux de Fréquentation

La solution de Calcul & de Conversion du taux de fréquentation proposée par RetailNext offre une plateforme sophistiquée pour l’analytique d’opérations en magasin.

  • Des schémas de fréquentation jour par jour, heure par heure, afin de repérer les normes, les tendances et les données aberrantes
  • Évaluez les indicateurs de performance en magasin, les impacts du marketing, du merchandising et de la météo sur la fréquentation et la conversion



Pour en savoir plus, téléchargez dès maintenant la documentation sur cette solution phare dans le domaine du comptage de personnes.

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Webinars (Anglais)

State of the Art In Store Sensor Technologies: Ensuring Technology Works For You

For the past few years, new technologies have been introduced to retail with the potential and promise to launch companies into the new era of retail, one where the shopper is clearly in control. But, moving beyond the “cool” factor and a possible brighter future, what applications are meaningful and relevant to today’s most pressing opportunities?

In this webinar, participants explore retail’s entire technology stack, understanding the capabilities of sensors – video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and more – and the actionable insights they can (and cannot) drive. Webinar participants leave with the knowledge and strategies to:

  1. Align technology solutions to the new shopping journey and corresponding opportunities
  2. Develop and build scalable, flexible technology infrastructure, and
  3. Leverage cross-functional needs to maximize return on investment

Presenter: Arun Nair is the CTO and co-founder of RetailNext, the world’s first technology company dedicated to providing advanced in-store analytics for brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Among his responsibilities, Arun leads customer-centric research and development efforts to develop technology solutions to retail’s most pressing problems and opportunities.

Optimizing the Customer Journey

By understanding and meeting customer expectations, retailers can differentiate from the pack and win increased loyalty. Find out how in this recorded session with RetailNext’s Tom Martell as he explains how to get the most out of your in-store analytics strategies. Viewers will learn:

  • How today’s shoppers are moving through the store;
  • The role of in-store analytics in improving the customer experience;
  • Strategies for a successful in-store analytics roll out; and
  • How to analyze in-store data to make better marketing and merchandising decisions
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eBooks & Whitepapers (Anglais)


Losing It: New Technologies Can Help Retailers Mitigate Loss

Retail Loss Prevention is big business – well over $40 billion in the United States each and every year.

Long a recognized opportunity, new advances in LP technology are now helping retailers stem the tide of financial losses literally and figuratively walking out the door.

Download the eBook to learn how best-in-class retailers are advancing existing technologies and marrying them with new technologies and processes to positively impact not only the top and bottom lines, but the overall shopper experience as well.

Losing It - cover photo


The Future of Retail in Stores Now

The future of retail isn’t coming. It’s already here, and in stores now. Over the next few years, the entire multichannel shopping experience will undergo a dramatic and transformational overhaul, and the brick-and-mortar channel is poised to deliver key differentiators in the shopping experience. Will your stores be ready to embrace the challenge?

Download your copy of the eBook, The Future of Retail: In Stores Now.


In-Store Analytics Guide For Store Operations

The store is where the “rubber meets the road” for every brick-and-mortar retailer.

Go-to-market strategies have been formulated at the board, through the C-suite, and down to the store’s front door. Marketing, Merchandising, and every other corporate function has delivered input into the plan, and executed where they can.

It all comes together at the store!

With the role of the physical store changing and the newfound emphasis on customer experience, reinventing the store is an imperative and also an opportunity.

Learn how in-store retail analytics provides the data and shopper insights to fuel the engine of change.

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Videos (Anglais)

Customer Feature: Atlanta Hawks

You think Black Friday is tough for retailers? The Atlanta Hawks’ retail team excels through what are essentially 45 Black Fridays a year – all the home games at Philips Arena! Peter Sorckoff, senior vice president and chief creative officer, talks about the challenges of delivering magical game-day experiences to almost 20,000 fans in a tight 3-hour time window.

Customer Feature: Atlanta Hawks from RetailNext on Vimeo.

Featured Customer: Marine Layer

Mason James, Director of Store Operations at Marine Layer, gives an overview of its brand and how it deploys RetailNext solutions to deliver a better shopping experience.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Partners

In this installment of 60 Seconds with Shelley, Shelley E. Kohan, vp or retail consulting at RetailNext, shares three key considerations retailers should examine as they source strategic partners to drive revenue growth and deliver better, more holistic shopping experiences. 

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Industry Reports (Anglais)

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