[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Top Customer Experience Trends in 2016

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Successfully competing in today’s challenging cross-channel retail reality demands a differentiated shopping experience, and top trends are emerging that will shape service delivery and business models in the near-term future.

On the RetailNext blog, we frequently publish posts about the rapidly changing nature of the retail industry. Common to most everyone change is the impetus for the change itself, and today that’s clearly the shopper.

Let’s credit the Internet.

Technology has empowered today’s shopper like never before. First, shoppers have access to a wealth of product information – including loads of peer reviews – and often know more about a brand’s product and services than the brand’s associates do, something my colleague Shelley E. Kohan refers to as the “knowledge deficiency gap.” Secondly, shoppers have an almost unlimited number of global alternatives when it comes to shopping – a shopper in the U.S. can easily buy a product in the morning from China and have it delivered to her doorstep by the next day. Lastly, mobile technology empowers shoppers everywhere and anytime.

So, how can retail brands compete and differentiate?

At RetailNext, we often talk about differentiating through the delivery of a seamless, exceptional cross-channel shopping experience. It’s about the shopper and her experiences through her shopping journey, and making that journey as friction-free as possible.

The infographic below, from our friends at The Service Manager, highlights the Top 8 Customer Experience Trends in 2016, setting the stage for what the future of shopper experience will look like.

How will your retail organization stay ahead of its competitors?

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