[WEBINAR PREVIEW] IoT & the Connected Store

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

While technology has often hinted toward a massive disruption in the in-store shopping experience, the emerging IoT is finally making its mark across stores in all retail segments.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long held the promise to disrupt all aspects of our everyday lives, particularly with how shoppers will interact with the “store of the future.” Now, due to a convergence of technology advancements, adoption rates and sheer scale, the IoT store of tomorrow is upon us today.

The 2016 RetailNext Webinar Series continues on July 28 as Intel’s George Loranger joins RetailNext’s head of corporate development, Kindra Tatarsky,’ to present “IoT & the Connect Store.” Over the course of the webinar, George and Kindra will facilitate a discussion with attendees around:

  • IoT technologies readily available today, including capabilities and limitations of each
  • Shopper-centric approaches for IoT deployments that make a difference to shoppers (e.g.; eliminating “friction points” in shopping journeys)
  • Go-forward strategies for building out connected stores

Paramount to success of the connected store is the thoughtful and purposeful deployment of IoT technologies that deliver benefits – directly or indirectly – to shoppers. Technology for technology’s sake is rarely effective, despite almost always being very expensive. However, armed with an understanding of today’s newly empowered shoppers and their new shopping journeys, retailers are poised to finally make IoT a competitive differentiator.

Register today for Thursday’s webinar, “IoT & the Connected Store.”

And, be sure to catch Kindra’s recent post, “How the IoT is Poised to (Finally) Change Retail.”

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