[WEBINAR REVIEW] IoT & the Connected Store

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

Technology has been poised to reinvent retail and the shopping experience, and the long-sought arrival of the IoT is finally disrupting the industry as it leaves its mark across stores in all sectors and segments.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to change retail, but it’s the shopper, not the technology, that is the star of the show.

That singular point was made loud and clear, first and foremost, during the July 28 webinar, “IoT & the Connected Store,” facilitated by Kindra Tatarsky, head of corporate development at RetailNext, and George Loranger, product marketing manager in the Retail Solutions Division of Intel’s Internet of Things Group.

With the advent of e-commerce, so much has changed about the retail industry, and the biggest influence now is today’s shopper – tech savvy, informed and empowered with almost infinite alternatives, and firmly in control and shaping her own shopping experiences.

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And, that’s where IoT fits in today. Retail is facing difficult challenges and needs to be reinvented and redefined, and the IoT is the critical key to unlocking differentiated shopping experiences.

Throughout the webinar, Tatarsky and Loranger discussed the importance of putting the shopper at the center of store digitization, and even suggested specific business opportunities where retailers should get started first.

Watch the full webinar, “IoT & the Connected Store,” for a complete discussion on what the Internet of Things is, why retailers should care, opportunities to eliminate or minimize friction points in customers’ shopping journeys, and case study deployments.

Access the recorded webinar here, and download RetailNext’s accompanying eBook, “The New State of the Art in Retail IoT.”

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