Senior Software Engineer

USA Remote

The Engineering group at RetailNext is seeking experienced and senior full-stack engineers for our UI team.

In this role, you will be involved in all aspects of software development across our technology stack, including, but not limited to front-end UI development, back-end services development, and API development.

We’re a product- and customer-focused team. As such, you must be comfortable with cross-functional teamwork, able to collaborate with other teams across the organization, and understand how to think about the products you’re developing beyond just their technical implementation details.

Our UI is built with:

  • Ember talking to RESTful endpoints implemented in Ruby and Go
  • Fabric.js to build tools for camera configuration
  • Highcharts for overview dashboards which provide live insights into retail customers’ behavior

Day-to-day development for the UI team consists of adding and extending endpoints within the Ruby and Go APIs, as well as building and maintaining customer-facing UI tools.

Further down, our stack consists of:

  • Cassandra as a datastore;
  • Elastic for complex querying and filtering;
  • Microservices implemented in Go


What you will do:

  • Work closely with our back-end teams to ensure a seamless end-user experience
  • Some tasks will include working on our Interface and Admin Tools; handling sophisticated charts and graphs; working with video and data
  • Develop a comprehensive test suite
  • Quickly develop software prototypes to implement new functionality


Who are you:

  • Full-stack experience building Single/Web-Based Page Applications
  • Proficiency with Javascript (with HTML+CSS)
  • Experience with an MVC framework like Ember.js, Angular.js or Rails. Production experience with Ember.js is a plus.
  • Experience building and deploying RESTful API endpoints
  • Bonus points for experience with agile development or continuous delivery