Job Summary:

We are seeking a meticulous and detail-oriented Data Annotation Specialist to join our Research team. Your primary responsibility will be to support the improvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models and Data Science (DS) projects by accurately annotating and labeling datasets that include images, videos, text, and other modalities. Your work will be integral to creating and curating high-quality datasets for research purposes.


  • Data Annotation and Labeling: Accurately annotate, label, and clean data following provided guidelines and instructions.
  • Quality Assurance: Conduct quality checks to ensure annotations are consistent, precise, error-free, and meet project standards.
  • Attention to Detail: Maintain a high level of precision and accuracy during the annotation process.
  • Communication: Report any issues or questions promptly, and communicate effectively with your team to ensure smooth project progress.
  • Tool Proficiency: Utilize data annotation tools like CVAT, and learn to use them proficiently over time.
  • Timely Completion: Ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Data Handling: Handle and access data safely on your computer, ensuring no accidental exposure or unauthorized access.
  • Adaptability: Be willing to learn and adapt to new annotation guidelines, evolving project requirements, and different data types.
  • Review and Learning: Occasionally review annotations to learn from them or work on other similar data-related tasks.


  • Proficiency in using computers and learning to use annotation tools effectively.
  • Ability to neatly arrange items into specified categories and classify them correctly.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in performing repetitive tasks with minimal errors.
  • Proficiency in English language and communication skills.
  • Comfort with handling large datasets.
  • Passion for data, efficiency, and accuracy.


  • Familiarity with CVAT, Vatic, and Office (MS/Google) tools.


  • Ensuring data quality and consistency, including during straightforward annotation tasks.
  • Patience to complete annotation tasks.
  • Perseverance and versatility to re-annotate tasks when guidelines or project requirements change.
  • Attention to detail to identify mistakes.
  • A natural inclination to remember and follow guidelines.
  • Effective time management.

Why Join Us:

  • Remote Work Environment
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Recharge Days: Monthly, we shut the company down for one day to allow for employees to focus on their personal wellbeing
  • Best-Self Benefit: We offer an annual stipend  for employees to spend money as they would like for anything that falls under personal or professional development
  • Holiday Exchange Program: We allow employees to exchange any company holiday for one they would prefer to celebrate