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Kiddicare Uses RetailNext to Improve Multichannel Shopping Experience

Kiddicare wanted to create a multichannel shopping experience that would make it easy for their customers to access a wealth of additional product information while shopping in store. Kiddicare knew that its shoppers are quick to turn to the Internet for information about the products they were seeking and that smartphones were bringing this behavior into the stores.

By implementing RetailNext’s Guest Wi-Fi and personalization products, they were able to offer their shoppers a more personalized and improved shopping experience. These products helped Kiddicare easily deploy a unique omnichannel shopping experience for their customers while providing the company highly valuable insights that enabled them to understand and measure the impact of customer web browsing, search, social media, and “showrooming” activity.

Download the case study to learn more about how Kiddicare was able to improve customer engagement and the overall shopping experience.