Comprehensive In-Store Analytics



Know your shopper. Know your store.

RetailNext's in-store analytics provides actionable insights into shopper behavior to improve store performance.

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The Big Data Toolbox for Retail

  • People Counting
  • ShopperBase Analytics
  • Queue Analytics
  • Video Management
  • Display Effectiveness
  • POS Exception Reporting
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Guest Wi-Fi & Personalization
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Celebrating Years of Innovation and Excellence

RetailNext's award-winning and patented technology is trusted by hundreds of global retailers.

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The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Big Data

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In-store analytics leads to new strategies that

  • Drive more traffic
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Enable personalization
  • Maximize the profit per shopper
  • Improve shopper experiences
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Increase same- store sales up to 35%
Cut theft up to 75%
Increase loyalty membership signups up to 1600%

Analytics for Any Retail Professional

CEO / Store Owner

Increase top and bottom lines

  • Boost comparable store sales
  • Optimize marketing spend
  • Enable in-store personalization
  • Reduce capital expenditures
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Execute corporate strategies at store level

  • Drive up conversion and average ticket price
  • Monitor, analyze, visualize, and act on shopper behavior data
  • Align staff schedules for improved customer service
  • Optimize queue performance
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Measure and optimize store campaigns

  • Know your shopper demographics and their behaviors
  • Identify and engage your shopper the moment they enter the store
  • Personalize the shopper in-store experience
  • Understand the impact of showrooming in your store
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Maximize the impact of product placement

  • Take the guesswork out of product placement decisions
  • Understand shopper movement and identify high and low engagement areas
  • Measure window display effectiveness to understand if it's alluring new customers
  • Remotely monitor display compliance anytime, anywhere
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Store Design

Optimize floor plan layouts

  • Identify traffic patterns and paths for both shoppers and employees
  • Better understand shopping experiences with optimized layouts
  • Make layout changes and measure the impact on merchandising and conversion performance
  • Validate assumptions with one-click access to live and recorded video
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Loss Prevention

Arm yourself with best-in-class tools

  • Cut theft by 75% or more
  • Reduce video reviewing time
  • Resolve cases faster with one-click access to transactions, receipts, and corresponding video
  • Detect fraud with pre-defined high-risk transactions
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Your business will boom with RetailNext.

The benefits of RetailNext's in-store analytics are never-ending...

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It's not magic! It's powerful and proprietary technology.

Here's how it works...

RetailNext integrates with the largest number of data sources inside and around your store, enabling you to measure all aspects of the business.
The scalable analytics engine is purposely built for you to organize and make sense of huge volumes of diverse data in real time.
RetailNext offers many ways to view your store data from one centralized platform – quickly, easily, anywhere, anytime, and in any format.
Precisely understand shopper behaviors and discover opportunities where you can improve strategies to increase store profitability.
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