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Solution Briefs

Solution Briefs

Traffic 2.0

Use Traffic 2.0 to unlock opportunity by adding texture to your traffic and aligning labor hours to true traffic trends.

  • Optimize the shopping experience by going beyond traditional traffic counting and conversion
  • Layer on Marketing and Loss Prevention analytics as your business grows
  • Leverage the RetailNext web-based platform to ensure a seamless and friction-free shopping experience


Download the Traffic 2.0 solution brief now to learn how retailers around the globe are cutting significant costs and driving sales with a single comprehensive platform. 

Solution Briefs

People Counting & Conversion

RetailNext provides a sophisticated platform for in-store analytics.

  • Traffic patterns day by day, hour by hour to spot norms, trends and outliers
  • Benchmark store performance metrics Impacts on traffic and conversion from marketing, merchandising and the weather


Download the solution brief now to learn more about the leading people counter.

Solution Briefs

Shopper Insights

Drive the shopper experience and increase sales with RetailNext’s Shopper Insights solution.

  • Measure trends in shopper mix over time
  • Track promotion and campaigns effectiveness
  • View spending patterns by demographic or store location


Download the Shopper Insights solution brief to learn more.

Solution Briefs

Staffing Optimization for Retail Workforce Management

RetailNext’s Staffing Optimization solution combines best in class traffic counting with direct integration to retailers’ workforce management solutions and POS systems providing comprehensive analytics.

  • Align staffing hours to expected traffic
  • Identify top performing teams and individuals, and target them to the most important shopping periods of the day/week
  • Monitor key performance indicators including sales, conversion rates, and number of items sold hour by hour, day by day.


Optimize your workforce to decrease costs and increase store sales. Download now!

Solution Briefs

Retail Management Solutions

RetailNext provides scalable retail management solutions that allows retailers to save time and assure stores are executing according to corporate strategies.

  • See side-by-side views of multiple stores/cameras to ensure compliance and consistency across all locations.
  • Share relevant video allowing remote monitoring to ensure retailer policy is adhered to and alert management to unauthorized activity at the back of the store.
  • Verify that promotional materials are displayed properly, and that expired collateral and signage are removed from the store promptly.


Download the Store Execution Compliance solution brief to learn more.

Solution Briefs

Loss Prevention System

RetailNext’s state-of-the-art loss prevention system enables retailers to reduce shrink at scale. 

  • Identify issues instantly and easily. Dramatically minimize time spent on investigations.
  • Eliminate complexity. Save time and money.
  • Maximize operational ROI.
  • Integrate easily with POS and workforce management systems.


Download the Loss Prevention Solution Brief to learn how RetailNext solves these challenges for retailers worldwide.

Solution Briefs

Aurora: The Next-Generation Sensor

From outside the store to and through the store entrance and onto shoppers’ mobile devices, Aurora simplifies shopper behavior measurement with a state-of-the-art sensor fusing video analytics, Bluetooth BLE and Wi-Fi technologies. 

  • Comprehensively understand store traffic, from accurate store traffic at the door to store navigation
  • Automatically exclude store staff from traffic and key KPI metrics, as well as isolate employee paths to complete interaction analysis of sales associates and shoppers
  • Measure the entire shopper journey, including new versus repeat customer, visit frequency and duration, pass-by traffic, capture rate and more
  • Engage with shoppers through Aurora’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities, without the need for any additional beacon hardware


Download to learn more!

Solution Briefs

Retail Labs: Rethink the full shopper experience

Retail labs afford a tailored advanced analytics approach to address and answer specific questions and help grow your retailing business.

Go beyond simple traffic counting and conversion metrics and utilize advanced retail analytics to:

  • Understand the full shopper journey
  • Simplify A/B testing
  • Measure and test innovative new store concepts
  • Segment store visitors by age range, gender, shoppers vs. associates, buyers vs. non-buyers and other variables

Download the Retail Labs solution brief to discover how you can best keep your shoppers delighted with seamless and magical shopping experiences.

Solution Briefs

Retail Merchandising Solutions

Enhance the shopper experience and drive sales with advanced retail merchandising solutions.

  • Understand window and display effectiveness and engagement
  • Optimize merchandise and product placement in-store


Optimize your stores with advanced retail merchandising solutions. Download now!

Solution Briefs

Mobile Engage: Create personalized shopping experiences

This data Omnichannel based solution allows retailers to provide recommendations and other personalized content offerings for each client.

  • Automated and personalized digital marketing
  • Advanced features for SMS campaigns
  • Simple and optimized implementation

Keep up with the most intelligent mobile marketing. Download now!

Solution Briefs

Shopping Centers

Reinvent the shopper experience by addressing the complicated and unique challenges facing today’s property owners and shopping centers.

  • Optimize the marketing budget
  • Align staff with traffic
  • Know category and store adjacencies

Learn how Shopping Center Solutions can drive profit for your business. Download Now!


#SummerSessions: Remote Access & Merchandising

Get a quick snapshot of your stores

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to travel to each of your stores within minutes without getting stuck in traffic or long TSA lines by:

  • Leveraging existing infrastructure to get a quick snapshot of your stores 
  • Saving time by having a single login for all your in-store data & video
  • Identifying potential merchandising issues without stepping foot inside your store
  • Being a secret shopper anytime, anywhere, from any device

BONUS: Get a demo that dives into the solution benefits to you and your team.

SPEAKER: Aaron Sorin – Account Director, Mid Market

#SummerSessions: Beyond the Entrance

Optimize store 2 and beyond

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can go beyond entrance with in-store analytics.

  • A/B test store displays
  • Identify opportunities to optimize the floor plan
  • Automatically report on store promotions and new concept testing

SPEAKER: Lindsay Kelvie – Account Director, Mid Market


State of the Art In Store Sensor Technologies: Ensuring Technology Works For You

For the past few years, new technologies have been introduced to retail with the potential and promise to launch companies into the new era of retail, one where the shopper is clearly in control. But, moving beyond the “cool” factor and a possible brighter future, what applications are meaningful and relevant to today’s most pressing opportunities?

In this webinar, participants explore retail’s entire technology stack, understanding the capabilities of sensors – video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and more – and the actionable insights they can (and cannot) drive. Webinar participants leave with the knowledge and strategies to:

  1. Align technology solutions to the new shopping journey and corresponding opportunities
  2. Develop and build scalable, flexible technology infrastructure, and
  3. Leverage cross-functional needs to maximize return on investment

Presenter: Arun Nair is the CTO and co-founder of RetailNext, the world’s first technology company dedicated to providing advanced in-store analytics for brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Among his responsibilities, Arun leads customer-centric research and development efforts to develop technology solutions to retail’s most pressing problems and opportunities.

Optimizing the Customer Journey

By understanding and meeting customer expectations, retailers can differentiate from the pack and win increased loyalty. Find out how in this recorded session with RetailNext’s Tom Martell as he explains how to get the most out of your in-store analytics strategies. Viewers will learn:

  • How today’s shoppers are moving through the store;
  • The role of in-store analytics in improving the customer experience;
  • Strategies for a successful in-store analytics roll out; and
  • How to analyze in-store data to make better marketing and merchandising decisions

Engage 100% of Your Mobile Shoppers: No Mobile App Required

Mobile devices are ubiquitous as people carry them everywhere, and retail stores are definitely not an exception. In fact, shoppers are increasingly utilizing mobile devices as tools as they navigate their circuitous, multichannel shopping journeys.

Once viewed as a potential threat, retailers are now realizing the full value of mobile deployment strategies. Webinar attendees discussed:

  • Driving engagement, loyalty and sales via mobile and other personalized interactions
  • Utilizing retail analytics and machine learning
  • Delivering personally relevant and more effective shopper communications
  • Managing all 1:1 shopper communications in a single platform 

#SummerSessions: Inspiring Data-Driven Retail with Traffic 2.0

Reinvent your traffic counter with Traffic 2.0

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can go beyond basic traffic counting with Traffic 2.0.

  • Leverage data from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones
  • Get powerful insights such as visit duration and frequency
  • Automatically exclude store staff from traffic and key KPI metrics

BONUS: Get a demo that dives deep into the solution benefits to you and your team.

SPEAKER: Dan Dixon – Account Director, Mid Market

Increase Retail Bottom Lines with Effective Loss Prevention

Retail shrinkage is big business – over $40 billion annually in the United States, and growing each and every year, lowering margins by almost 1.5 points.

Threats to retailers range from cyber-security data breaches to organized retail crime activities, and Loss Prevention professionals are tasked with more responsibility than ever before, despite facing tougher resource constraints.

In this environment with shrinking margins and new threats everyday, can your retail business afford to NOT invest in an effective Loss Prevention solution?

Learn more about the state-of-the-art solutions for retailers, with tools and processes designed not just to improve Loss Prevention functions, but to maximize total ROI through additional benefits for other key store functions like Store Operations, Merchandising, Marketing and more. 

Analytics for Convenience Stores

In this installment of the RetailNext webinar series, we welcome industry veterans at Impact21 to explore and learn how convenience stores can use Analytics to measure shopper engagement that enables insights such as:

  • Which guest paths lead to the largest basket?
  • What demographic yields the largest basket?
  • Which promotions & signage increase engagement?
  • Which placement maximizes conversion while minimizing loss?

Secure your spot for our Sep 8th webinar to learn more!

Dynamically Influence Foot Traffic to Lift Sales and Services

Mobile technology is redefining retail and new, emerging best practices are rapidly being developed. Mobile goes well beyond POS, and includes both opportunities for engaging shoppers in dialogue and measuring localized “path to purchase” behavior.

In this installment of the RetailNext webinar series, attendees will take a deep dive into proximity marketing and promotions through mobile devices, and retailers’ newfound ability to measure and dynamically influence foot traffic and revenue given current staffing, minimize discounting, and evaluate comprehensive programs. Concepts and case studies will include:

  • Collaboration between retailers and brands to promote products/SKUs based on store-level sales data to produce brand—funded foot traffic and higher ATVs
  • Store-level decision-making on promotions of new product lines based on foot traffic and staffing levels
  • Department-level decision-making on promotions of sale items with the department


Boost Retail Performance and Improve the In-store Experience

Today’s analytics technology empowers retailers to better understand shopper behavior and develop insights that drive company sales and measurably improve the customer experience. The result is an increase in shopper retention and loyalty, strengthening relationships that build long-term value.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about five key elements impacting top line revenue growth for physical retail and store performance:

  • Driving traffic into your stores
  • Maximizing opportunities for conversion
  • Aligning your staffing with traffic
  • Delivering an in-store experience that resonates with your customer
  • Personalizing the shopping experience

If you have any questions or would like a customized demo of RetailNext, please CONTACT US.

Zoom in on Shoppers to Improve the In-Store Experience

Location, location, location.  It’s the basis of hot technologies like guest Wi-Fi, mobile browsing detection, and iBeacons—and the key to providing your shoppers with a more relevant and personalized experience.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss location analytics and its benefits to retailers. By using location data from mobile phones to understand where and how people shop, location analytics technology can provide you with powerful capabilities to measurably improve the shopping experience. 

In this session you’ll learn how location analytics can

  • Empower you to understand more about your shoppers’ behavior
  • Enable one-to-one marketing programs, in real-time
  • Facilitate better customer experiences in your stores

If you have any questions or would like a customized demo of RetailNext, please CONTACT US.

Floor Plan Optimization: Best Practices

Discover how you can effectively utilize floor space and fixture optimization to maximize the customer traffic flow and shopping behaviors inside the four walls. The test and measure approach allows retailers to implement proven floor layouts company-wide resulting in improved customer experience and increased sales.

RetailNext invites you to join Shelley E. Kohan VP of Retail Consulting in this recorded webinar session on floor plan optimization. With the right tools, you will be able to build a layout that drive the appropriate levers (traffic, average transaction value, conversion) resulting in a combined increase in sales per shopper yield.

You will also learn how to:

  • Leverage in-store analytics to better understand consumer shopping behaviors in your store
  • Increase sales by improving the in-store shopping experience
  • Measure and monitor performance and layout of the product
  • Change floor and display concepts based on shopper gender demographics
  • Maximize service areas of the store (customer service, fitting rooms, pharmacies, etc.)

What’s the Big Deal About Wi-Fi Mobile Device Detection?

A hot new in-store analytics trend is all over the news these days – Wi-Fi mobile device detection. Mobile device analytics and RetailNext have been featured on the New York Times front page, the Today Show, CNN, Fast Company, and more than sixty other news outlets.

What’s all this fuss about? It turns out that analyzing smart phones and other mobile devices has the opportunity to reveal new insights on who is coming to your stores. Previously undetectable metrics enable marketing and merchandising executives along with store operations professionals to better understand the makeup of your shoppers. And therefore how your advertising and promotional campaigns drive repeat visits, bring in new customers, and entice those passing by to come through your doors.

In this session, RetailNext Vice President of Product Management Maria Fernandez Guajardo, explains mobile device detection and how it can benefit the effectiveness of your promotions – and ultimately the bottom line.

In this session you will learn:

  • How mobile device detection works
  • How it protects shopper privacy by design
  • The way video and mobile device analytics augment each other for previously unavailable discoveries
  • New metrics available and how they can help your marketing initiatives

Dwell Analytics: Your Secret Weapon for Increasing Sales

If you’re like many retailers, you may have discovered the potential of measuring shopper traffic in your stores. Now you’re ready to begin investigating what happens in your store interiors using dwell analytics.

Dwell analytics is the technology that makes it possible to measure where in the store shoppers stop and engage. It is a critical component in fully understanding the path to purchase. RetailNext Vice President of Insights Chitra Balasubramanian explains how you can use interior store analytics to measure:

  • Traffic to individual departments, sections, aisles, or product categories inside the store
  • The number of shoppers who stop and shop these individual sections
  • The level of shopper engagement with individual fixtures, displays, or signs
  • Conversion rates for shoppers exposed to and engaged with any feature or area of the store

Using In-store Intelligence for Staffing Optimization

Employing comprehensive analytics in your stores gives you the opportunity to scrutinize staffing decisions and optimize them for maximum sales and cost efficiency.  Whether it’s shifting resources to make the best use of existing payroll or justifying additional investment for increased conversion, the most efficient use of this valuable resource depends on having the right information.

RetailNext VP of Retail Consulting Shelley E. Kohan walks you through the state of the art in analytics-based staffing optimization.  You will learn how to:

  • Benchmark performance on a regional, store, and individual level
  • Allocate your staffing to capitalize on peak demand periods
  • Plan for preparation and restocking without compromising service
  • Optimize specifically for stores of all formats and sizes, for both high and moderate service levels

eBooks & Whitepapers


Losing It: New Technologies Can Help Retailers Mitigate Loss

Retail Loss Prevention is big business – well over $40 billion in the United States each and every year.

Long a recognized opportunity, new advances in LP technology are now helping retailers stem the tide of financial losses literally and figuratively walking out the door.

Download the eBook to learn how best-in-class retailers are advancing existing technologies and marrying them with new technologies and processes to positively impact not only the top and bottom lines, but the overall shopper experience as well.

Losing It - cover photo


What Every Retailer Must Know About Traffic 2.0

In years past, store traffic was a simple measure – the number of shoppers who entered the store – and traffic counts were critical in determining core retail metrics like conversion (i.e.; the percentage of shoppers who actually purchased, and calculates as the number of transactions divided by store traffic).

Traffic only told the story of “how many.” Nothing more.

Retailers wanted to know more about their shoppers, but additional data collection included methods like surveying, and was very manual and very expensive.

That was then. This is now.

Traffic 2.0 is the latest generation of traffic counting, and it doesn’t stop at “how many.” Today, it includes “who,” “what,” “where,” and “when,” and when brought all together, goes a long way to determining “why” and “why not”.

Download this ebook to learn more about Traffic 2.0 and how you can implement in your stores today!


Complete Retail Analytics Resource Guide

In today’s retail environment, we all know that the shopper is now in charge. She has more information than ever before and is empowered to control most aspects of her experience.

When thinking about the in-store shopper experience, we break it into four stages – outside the store, at the door, and inside the store from both an experience and a customer perspective. Of course, there are countless ways to measure what she does online and on her mobile device, and these touchpoints have blended into the overall experience at an unbelievable pace. This resource guide will hopefully guide your decision making across the shopper journey.


Transforming Physical Retail

Through recent advancements with in-store analytics, brick-and-mortar retailers are now able to gain the same insights as online retailers. Previously, in-store analytics solutions were not readily available because most of the technology had not yet been developed. Today, with advance cutting-edge technology, companies like RetailNext are transforming physical retail. In-store analytics delivered in a precise, real-time format allow brick-and-mortar retailers to close the gap between on-line customer analytics and physical retail by providing metrics like these:

  • How shoppers behave in brick-and-mortar stores
  • Identification of the drivers behind purchases (and non-purchases)
  • How changes in the store can impact customer experience and sales

As never before, RetailNext has the ability to analyze a comprehensive number of data sources and offer the most comprehensive set of insights in and around physical retail stores. This is changing the way physical retail is operating day-to-day business. And as a result, retailers are investing much more in resources to understand the metrics around how customers shop.

Download the white paper to learn how in-store analytics is transforming physical retail.


Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study

Increasing ROI for One of the World’s Hippest Apparel Brands

American Apparel is a cutting-edge brand somewhat notorious of its often controversial advertising campaigns. As it grew its brick-and-mortar channel, American Apparel sought to close the information gaps that existed between physical and digital channels.

Learn how American Apparel worked with RetailNext to develop an analytics platform that would grow with the company so it would not have to re-invest in similar capabilities as new technologies came to market. Lacking both an in-store analytics solution and a Loss Prevention system, and sensitive to the expense of implementing two separate point solutions, American Apparel deployed the comprehensive RetailNext platform and achieved significant CapEx and OpEx savings.

Case Study

Kiddicare Uses RetailNext to Improve Multichannel Shopping Experience

Kiddicare wanted to create a multichannel shopping experience that would make it easy for their customers to access a wealth of additional product information while shopping in store. Kiddicare knew that its shoppers are quick to turn to the Internet for information about the products they were seeking and that smartphones were bringing this behavior into the stores.

By implementing RetailNext’s Guest Wi-Fi and personalization products, they were able to offer their shoppers a more personalized and improved shopping experience. These products helped Kiddicare easily deploy a unique omnichannel shopping experience for their customers while providing the company highly valuable insights that enabled them to understand and measure the impact of customer web browsing, search, social media, and “showrooming” activity.

Download the case study to learn more about how Kiddicare was able to improve customer engagement and the overall shopping experience.

Case Study

National Department Store Aggressively Invests In Analytics Solutions

The executive team at a national department store wanted to target a specific customer segment with a new private label in the expectation that sales would increase. The new label included a full line of women’s ready-to-wear, men’s sportswear, and men’s tailored apparel. But prior to allocating funds for a national launch, the team wanted more insight into how shoppers would interact with the label and an idea of what they could expect in sales. The national department store selected RetailNext to test and measure several performance baselines. RetailNext was able to quickly deliver several favorable conversion statistics that offered actionable insights to help improve the label’s performance.

Download the case study to see the results and learn how RetailNext drives improvement throughout the store.

Case Study

Make Data-Driven Decisions and See Store Performance Improvements

In-store concepts are constantly evolving and therefore directly affect merchandise and display performance. In the past, decisions to change these concepts were driven by hunches and gut feelings. In today’s competitive environment, it’s critical for actions to be based on proven shopper behavior. With RetailNextTM, retailers are able to monitor the path to purchase from the minute shoppers enter the store. By combining traffic, engagement, and sales metrics, retailers can see which in-store concepts convert the most shoppers into buyers. Testing a concept is valuable before rolling out chain-wide to ensure maximized ROI.

Download the case study to see the results, and learn what you can do to drive performance improvements in your store.

Case Study

Understanding the Effect of In-Store Mobile Device Usage

This just in: Mobile devices have forever changed retail, across both physical and digital channels, and in brick-and-mortar retail, mobile is the new “front door” of the store.

Mobile strategies are widely diverse, and include proactive mobile communications and engagement solutions. At the foundation of all strategies is a basic understanding of how shoppers are using mobile devices both outside and inside the store, what activities they’re performing with mobile devices, what sites they visit and how they engage, and what opportunities exist to deliver service and win the sale.

Read how one retailer created a holistic view of the mobile-related behaviors of its shoppers and identified specific opportunities to quickly improve shopper experience and store performance.

Case Study

Store Lighting and Measuring Its Impact on KPIs

The inspiring ‘Art of Retail’ drives the creation of innovative retail design. But without the ‘Science of Retail’ to help bring prototype to pilot and beyond, success and failure can be difficult determine until it’s too late (and too expensive!).

In-store retail analytics empower retail professionals to A/B test design concepts and strategic and/or tactical changes of all types, from displays to store design, staff scheduling to store operations processes, and more.

Read how one retailer determined how changes to its lighting scheme impacted average daily traffic, average daily sales, conversion, average transaction value, sales per shopper, dwell and capture rate. At the conclusion of the test, the retailer found a definitive answer to its question, “Do we broadly roll out lighting changes or not?”

Case Study

Comparing the Performance of Seasonal Fixtures

In-store retail analytics empower retail professionals to A/B test design concepts, strategies and tactics of all types, including merchandising fixtures, displays and signage. 

Read how one retailer determined performance differences between its front-end seasonal merchandisers (FESM) and seasonal end caps (SEC), versus FESMs and SECs from a third-party display vendor, allowing the retailer to fully deploy the most effective solution ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season. 

Case Study

Optimizing Staffing for Immediate, Real ROI

An old adage in retail is, “when traffic goes up, conversion goes down.” The root cause being, of course, too much traffic for too few sales associates to adequately service.

Or, said differently, not enough associates to effectively cover the selling floor.

Sales associates provide the critical services that lead to greater conversion, average transaction value, sales per shopper and, ultimately, sales. However, in an effort to best manage margins, retailers look to cut labor hours – and therefore labor costs – to an optimal level.

But, sometimes a retailer cuts too far.

The case study “Optimizing Staffing for Immediate, Real ROI” examines how one retailer used analytics to decide if adding back labor hours would positively impact store performance metrics.

Case Study

Driving Shopper Engagement Through Mobile Usage Insights

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the “tour guide” for shoppers as they embark on today’s new multichannel shopping journeys, and they act as the de facto new front door of brick-and-mortar stores.

But, mobile is not just a tool for shoppers, as malls and retailers utilize mobile engagement as a critical differentiator in the shopping experience.

Read “Driving Shopper Engagement Through Mobile Usage Insights” to see how one international mall operator used mobile usage insights to optimize its shopper experience, layout and leasing strategy.

Case Study

Measuring Shoppability

The nation’s largest retail network of outdoor specialty stores discovered it had slumping performance in its Footwear department, with metrics significantly lower than other departments in the stores.

Read “Measuring Shoppability” to see how the store used retail analytics and shopper insights to determine root causes for poor performance and develop clear and concise corrective strategies that resulted in a 22 percent increase in departmental sales.

Case Study

Increasing ROI by Replacing Outdated Legacy Solutions with Modern Technology

What happens when shopper behaviors and new cross-channel shopping journeys makes legacy technology solutions outdated and obsolete?

One international specialty apparel and accessories company with well over 2,000 global locations in both malls and standalone stores faced just such a situation, and with dependent ties to store personnel compensation and performance reviews, the situation was becoming evermore so problematic.

Read “Increasing ROI by Replacing Outdated Legacy Solutions with Modern Technology” to see how the brand replaced legacy systems with RetailNext, gaining not only a powerful, flexible data analytics platform, but engaging RetailNext’s professional services team as a trusted business partner.

Case Study

Piloting New Displays & Testing for Effect on KPIs

End-caps are some of the most valuable fixtures in all of retail. But, what if fixture performance falls below expectations?

Piloting-New-Displays-and-Testing-for-Effect-on-KPIs-small image

Read “Piloting New Displays & Testing for Effect on KPIs” to see how one retailer collaborated with a FMCG partner to determine the optimal location for the product display for shopper experience, engagement, and return on investment. 

Case Study

Uncovering Factors Contributing to Inconsistent Conversion

Accurate traffic counts are essential to fundamental operational metrics like conversion. But, when benefiting from consistent traffic counts across hours and days of the week, what are the possible root causes for equally consistent, predictable dips in conversion during certain time periods?

Read “Uncovering Factors Contributing to Inconsistent Conversion” to discover how a century-old luxury brand unveiled key contributing factors that were impacting store performance, allowing for an easy remedy and the lifting of conversion to be similar across all open hours.

Case Study

Empowering Performance through Data & Shopper Insights

The Art of Shaving wanted to compare store performance across its retail locations, but lacked an accurate entrance traffic solution and access to the key metrics and data necessary to build upon a limited set of key performance indicators (KPIs).

In “Empowering Performance through Data & Shopper Insights,” read how TAOS deployed reliable systems to review detailed metrics and analyze conversion rates by store, readily identifying norms, trends, and outliers, and creating plans to capture opportunities. 

Case Study

Improving Store Operations by Better Understanding Traffic

In the absence of performance metrics, how should a retailer prioritize efforts to increase sales?

In “Improving Store Operations by Better Understanding Traffic,” read how an international apparel brand replaced inaccurate, unreliable traffic counting solutions and deployed a standardize solution through its global regions, allowing for the collection and reporting of an entire portfolio of performance metric, and leading to actions that increased shopper engagement and store result.


Industry Reports

Industry Reports

Retail Performance Pulse: July Store Results

RetailNext, the leader in comprehensive in-store analytics, is thrilled to announce that the latest Retail Performance Pulse is currently available for download. This monthly report aggregates millions of retail performance data points to give you a pulse on the industry and enable:

  • Store performance benchmarking
  • Financial forecasting
  • Trend analysis across traffic, sales, and conversion metrics

Access your copy today.

For questions, please Contact Us and we’ll respond promptly.

*Please note report results reflect previous month’s data.