10 Small Retail Business Ideas to Rock Instagram

Cover: 10 Small Retail Business Ideas to Rock Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing tools for retail brands of all types and sizes. Now it is possible to establish your own business just having an Instagram account and being familiar with all its marketing secrets. You can easily build a loyal community of customers and connect directly with them through the use of Instagram Stories and Business Tools. Just set goals for your retail business on Instagram, build an Instagram brand, get creative with your content, and use Instagram ads - that`s it! Perform all these tasks and you`ll boost the effectiveness of your retail marketing. But that`s not all! You can learn the following retail business ideas to present your products and services in a more effective way and increase your potential sales.

Small retail business ideas that will help you rock Instagram

1 - Influence Your Potential Customers

It is well-known that the majority of Instagram users make purchases based on influencers` recommendations. Instagram Influencer Marketing is a great way to acquire new customers, promote the latest products and drive major sales. Just engage your followers, post content consistently, choose the right hashtags, switch to a business account, and tag relevant brands. By doing so, you will be able to turn Instagram into an effective marketplace. You should definitely see how Boxed Water used Instagram influencer marketing to its advantage.

2 - Experiment with Social Commerce

Instagram can boast of the highest average order value among the biggest social commerce sites. It has become the social commerce powerhouse. Nowadays you can easily sell products to your audience directly through your own Instagram page. In order to create such a highly profitable retail store, a number of tasks should be accomplished properly. Give your followers fresh content on a regular basis, hold photo contests, offer giveaways, create compelling Instagram ads and seek out feedback from your customers. The Pink Lily Boutique is an example of successful women`s clothing retailer that managed to use these simple strategies.

3 - Show Your Product Is Useful

Find out creative ways to showcase the use of your services or products. It`s very important to make sure your product presentation focuses on showcasing the advantages and is accurate. Create a video theme or series, show a truly unique and unknown side of your product, make a collage of images, provide an engaging story behind the picture, or just make your audience laugh if you want to tell the world that your products are really amazing.

4 - Sell Digital Products

Instagram has evolved into a reliable digital marketplace solution. You can easily post digital items such as printables or eBooks. Selling digital products in such way is a great solution to expand upon your online revenue stream. Instagram eBook seller, @theebookbug, proves that this social platform is a great place to promote and sell books.

5 - Reward Your Followers

Rewarding your followers is a great marketing idea. Employ this strategy if you want your followers to consider your content as a priority. Promos and discount codes are just the right thing.

6 - Review Products

With Instagram you can recommend products to your followers that would benefit them. Review products in the most unbiased and honest way to build influence and inspire confidence.

7 - Generate a Posting Plan

It`s advisable to create a flexible schedule that helps you post. It`s not necessary to post every day because you will just saturate the feeds of your followers.

8 - Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador` content is getting more and more common. It is a perfect way to become a loyal supporter of a brand and make some extra money. In order to become a successful brand ambassador, you should offer relevant content continually, include your contact details, get creative with hashtags, capture viewer`s attention, understand the needs of your audience and pay attention to requests.

9 - Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing gives both brands and influencers the opportunity to work closely together. It is an amazing sales channel for online retailers. The scheme is quite simple. Your main task is to share affiliate links to products with the use of your Instagram account and Instagram Story. Then you will get a commission on each sale. LulaRoe from GlamourZine is a prime example of how an affiliate marketer works.

10 - Use Trends to Market Your Brand

You can take advantage of various trending hashtags that correspond to your marketing strategy. Hashtags will help you target your market, get your content found and amplify your brand.

Make the most of Instagram as a retailer

There are some keys you should know if you are going to run a successful retail business on Instagram. Showcase your brand to appeal your potential clients, make your profile as close to your store name as possible, create your Instagram Ads by using Facebook, define when it is best to post and do not post the same product a million times.

You should always remember that a deliberate retail marketing plan for Instagram is a pledge of success. Your primary aim should be to build a recognizable brand identity and engage your audience. Just do not miss such a big opportunity and start using Instagram at its full capacity today.


Instagram can definitely build and expand your retail business. It is one of the most-effective channels to reach targeted audiences, and it offers plentiful opportunities to present your services and goods in their best light. Our small retail business ideas and useful tips will help you rock Instagram and make your sales soar.

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