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RetailNext is the first in-store analytics platform expressly built to change the face of retail. Starting from basic people counting at the door, through to in-depth shopper journey analysis, we offer the widest range of brick-and-mortar analytics with incredible accuracy.

Refer RetailNext to any client looking to:

  • Optimize in-store operations

  • Reduce shrink

  • Ensure optimal store layout

  • Test and measure retail experiences


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How to refer someone to RetailNext

  • Sign up to become a Referral Partner by clicking on the Apply Here link and completing our application and accepting our Terms.

  • Register the opportunity on the Partner Portal by completing the registration

  • Share with everyone via email, messenger or social media!

  • Once the referred customer pays, you receive 10% of every deal you referred that we closed.

How do I track my referrals and my earnings?

  • Tracking your referrals is easy within the RetailNext PartnerStack portal.

  • Submit leads and get rewarded when they become PartnerStack customers

  • Submit leads directly into PartnerStack

  • Gain visibility into the progress of each deal

  • Earn commission on your referrals the first year with PartnerStack

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