[Infographic] A Guide to Improving Retail Store Operations

Cover: [Infographic] A Guide to Improving Retail Store Operations

Retail is a tough business. We get it.

With increased competition and increased shopper expectations, there's no place to hide, and the business is certainly not for the faint of heart or those short on commitment.

In this new era of shopper-led retail, retailers are forced to operate at peak efficiencies, optimizing the shopper experience by wisely investing a limited amount of resources - employees, time and money. And, two things are certain: 1) retailers rarely get it optimal right out of the box, and 2) the constant of retailing's ever-changing landscape means "optimal" is a moving target over time.

Each day, week and month at a store is a test and learn opportunity, collecting data and developing actionable insights that make a difference where it counts - in the minds and hearts of shoppers. And, in addition to a disciplined approach to data collection and analysis, retail brands need to be nimble and agile, always open and responsive to change.

With shoppers and their satisfaction front-of-mind, our friends at YOOBIC have created the infographic below, "A Guide to Improving Retail Store Operations." In it, they provide a high-level fly over of why efficiencies are important, the causes of inefficiencies, and six tips on how to improve your store operations.

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