10 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Retail Business Online

Juned Ghanchi
Guest Contributor

A few well-executed marketing strategies can greatly enhance brand awareness and increase sales, and can be decisive in bringing a large number of customer walk-ins to your retail store.

So, you are all set to open your brick-and-mortar retail shop, all preparations are done, and you have left no stone unturned to market your new business offline. You have distributed handouts to friends, relatives, and other acquaintances, placed advertisements for the inauguration of your business in newspapers and on local TV channels, and handed out cards, pamphlets and other materials to get the word out about your new business. However, another crucial aspect of your advertising and marketing strategy that cannot be held off is the online marketing of your retail store.

You need to gear up with your one-page or full-fledged website and mobile app to increase the exposure of your brand and the sale of your products online, and you can greatly increase your in-store traffic with your online presence. The online marketing tips below can considerably increase the exposure of your retail business.

Tip #1: Submit your website to major search engines

It is important to submit your site to the major search engines for marketing your retail business online. However, keep looking out for your niche sites and other specialized link directories where you can submit your website and business information. This will help in increasing the popularity of your link and drive highly targeted traffic to your retail store. Moreover, local shoppers can easily find your business location, operational hours, and coupons through these directories and search engines through local listings.

Tip #2: Create your retail business mobile app

Creating a mobile app for your retail business is the best thing you can do to increase sales, and you can hire a mobile app development company to build your retail business app. People are going mobile for almost everything today. Having your retail business app on App Store and Play Store allows you to be directly accessible to customers online, where they can check out your products, campaigns, offers and availability. Moreover, you can check out their preferences and send a customized push notification to invite them to visit your store and take advantage of walk-in offers.

Tip #3: Distribute a press release

By sending a press release that communicates details of your store, products and services, you can reach a broad audience in a short time span as many online media outlets thrive every day on press releases. As a retailer, you can easily announce any special events, campaigns, offers, new product lines and other shop news you want to communicate online.

Tip #4: Submit your product feeds online for comparison

A product feed contains all details about your product including the description, photos, price and special deals linked to it. Making these product feeds available online helps your business reach a broader audience, and retailers who sell their products online use them extensively. Search engines, shopping comparison websites, and feed readers allow customers to compare products and shape their purchasing decisions.

Tip #5: Share your niche knowledge through article marketing

As a retailer, you are the expert in your niche in your particular industry. So, you can share your knowledge as an expert or a voice of authority in your segment. Though there are many offline means of doing this – like hosting seminars, classes, in-store workshops, or teaching related courses as a part of continuing education program at the local college – online means include writing articles, blogs, and other content for free distribution to gain extra exposure. This article marketing increases awareness about the presence of retailers both online and offline.

Tip #6: Deploy newsletters and email marketing

As they say, “out of sight is out of mind as well.” So, to keep your place in the minds of customers, you can stay in touch with them through regular newsletters and emails. This way you can engage and retain the shoppers you managed to bring into your store, website, and app. A lot of hard work was done to bring these customers on board, so don’t let them lose contact. Engage and re-engage them through newsletters and emails.

Tip #7: Create your own online video commercials

A visual advertising campaign for radio and television marketing may be too costly for your shop’s budget initially, but online video marketing provides you other low-investment options for extending the reach of your message to a broader audience.

Tip #8: Be active on social networks

Though social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat may not necessary help you sell your products directly, this is where your prospective customers are present and hang out. By being active on these sites, you can follow up and stay in touch with your customers through blogs, make public announcements and feature new merchandise and promotions.

Tip #9: Opt for an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is an effective and popular method of marketing on the web for retailers. In this process, you need to pay one or more affiliates for every sale or customer gained as a direct result of the marketing efforts of the affiliate. You can manage your affiliate program either directly or use a third party for tracking orders, sales, and payments to the affiliates.

Tip #10: Give away something for nothing

Customers love freebies and giveaways. In your online strategy, you can include these by offering coupon codes, contests, product samples or valuable content as a promotional giveaway.

To sum up

Retail stores can build their businesses by effectively using online tools like websites, mobile apps, push notifications, emails, newsletters, online press releases, product feeds, article marketing, online video commercials, social networks, affiliate programs and giveaways. These strategies greatly enhance brand awareness and sales, and can be decisive in bringing a large number of customer walk-ins to your retail store.

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