13 Must-Have Retailer Apps to Seamlessly Run Your Store and Increase Sales

Ryan Bronson
Guest Contributor

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we do a lot of things, and many apps have recently been developed to help us seamlessly run retail businesses, and, of course, increase sales.

If you have a retail store, you might want to get help from a good retailer app to not only make your management more efficient but also to increase your turnover. These applications might be very profitable, so if you are wondering what are the best of them for managing a retail store, choose from the 13 must-haves.

1 – Compass. Whether you are managing a retail start-up or an established store, you need to collect success metrics and industry insights that will help you to benchmark against the competition. One of the best small business apps you can use for this purpose is Compass. The goal of this app is to provide small- and medium-sized stores with real-time analytics and reporting. Compass enables you to track over 30 different metrics of e-commerce in a single dashboard, making it possible for users to benchmark against other businesses.

2 – Xero. This is among the best retail apps. A significant consideration for any retail business is the bottom line. Xero app offers effective accounting functions that make it easier for the business owner to manage her revenue. Merchants can perform different financial functions from their mobile devices including viewing accounts, creating invoices and many more.

3 – KIT CRM. If you are searching for a bot to help you in your digital marketing efforts, KIT CRM is just the right app for you. After optimizing your site, you will see traffic flowing to it, so the next step is to focus on marketing. With KIT, you just have to create ads, Facebook surveys and emails using the bot. This app costs less than $10, and that makes it a perfect choice for growing retail businesses.

4 – MailChimp. One great way of getting in touch with your customers is through email marketing. MailChimp enables you to segment and manage your list of subscribers, add new people and send customized email campaigns. The retail mobile app also makes it possible to view your results.


5 – Humanity. This app is a complete solution for managing your workforce. It offers guidance on things like leave management, staff training sessions and staff’s clocking. There are a lot of applications that can help your team be more comfortable at their workplaces and do their jobs faster and more productively. For example, if your business consists of making a high-quality content, you can advise them to use different tools, such as Eduzaurus.com for plagiarism or grammar check.

6 – Expensify. This one belongs to the list of the best apps for small businesses that helps companies to track expenses. With Expensify, all you need to do is to connect your credit or debit card to the app, and all charges are then reported on the app. It also has a feature that allows owners of retail stores to directly take pictures of the receipts and leave the rest to the app. This application is particularly useful for retail stores that arrange business transportation their employees and would like to track the travel expenses.

7 – Shopventory. This app makes it possible for owners of retail stores to track their product inventories. It will send alerts when the stock falls to a certain level, allowing enough time for re-order. It also integrates in a seamless way with POS solutions and makes use of in-depth analytics to enable you see the profit management for a particular time period, product or category.

8 – iHandyLevel. Whether you are installing shelves or setting up your display, iHandy Level app allows you to make use of the built-in sensor of your Smartphone to get the precise angle of edges.

9 – Magicplan. Your store layout is one of the key decisions you will need to make on the storefront. However, merchants can find it difficult to figure out how to optimize their spaces. This is where Magicplan can help. You can use the app to generate an estimate of the workplace, see the space in 3D or even furnish that space.

10 – Genius Scan. This app has got a lot of favourable reviews. It can be difficult to sign and scan documents unless you are close to a scanner. Genius Scan app turns your phone into a scanner. You can sign documents and take picture using this application.

11 – RescueTime. In order to be successful with your retail business, you have to stay productive and organized. With RescueTime, you can find out the amount of time each worker stays on a different website or applications. The app has custom tools that you can use to manage different distractions.

12 – Kanban flow. This is among the small business mobile apps that help your staff stay connected in a similar way to Trello or Slack. Managers can upload key files, assign task to their staff and visually track the work-flow.

13 – Sprout Social. This app makes it possible for you to manage all your social media accounts in a single platform. You can use a single window to draft, queue, post messages or even plan messages in the calendar.

About the writer: Ryan Bronson is a freelance writer and finance analytics. He has expertise in business development, management, and online marketing. 

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