2014 Holiday Shopping trends

Brittany Robles
Brittany Robles

Now is the perfect time for retailers to take advantage of emerging trends affecting holiday shopping, increasing their profits when the time comes.

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Retail Store Guide to Holiday Shopping

The holidays might seem far away, especially for retail stores that currently have swimwear and summer products on display. Despite the current season, it is always smart for retail stores to plan ahead, especially for the holiday season. A little bit of research and some planning can help retail stores take advantage of the holiday shopping trends, increasing their profits throughout this time.

Anticipated Holiday Shopping Trends

The winter season is important for retail stores as consumers flock to stores to make their holiday gift purchases. A recent survey gives retail stores insight into the anticipated holiday shopping trends for 2014. According to this survey, consumers anticipate using technology, such as mobile phones, tablets and online stores, in order to make these holiday purchases. The surveyed consumers also anticipate spending more this holiday season and plan on Black Friday shopping, making possible profit for retail stores even greater.

Planning Ahead

Even though the holiday season is months away, retail stores can plan ahead in order to take advantage of these anticipated holiday shopping trends. Since consumers anticipate using mobile devices in order to plan their shopping trips, retail stores would be wise to have a mobile-friendly site or even a mobile shopping app. Using the data collected on the shopping trends for the 2014 holidays can help any retail store boost sales and increase profit.

2014 Holiday Shopping Trends

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