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360-Degree Retail: Partners Bring Solutions Full Circle

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

At the National Retail Federation’s annual BIG Show, demonstrations unleash the real-time power of retail analytics through a variety of shopper- and retail operations-facing applications.

For generations of retailers, intuition and experience shaped the “art of retail,” and those qualities still prove invaluable today, as inspirational, subjective judgments often make the slight difference that makes all the difference.

For the current generation of retailers, RetailNext has pioneered the collection and analysis of the abundant actionable data that exists in retail, forming the foundation of the “science of retail,” and delivering the data-driven discipline required to succeed in a cutthroat competitive environment with steadily decreasing margins.

It’s the marriage of the two – both the art and science of retail – where the magic of retail is realized.

Retail analytics provides the essential insights for retailers to make the best decisions possible, and the partner ecosystem of the RetailNext analytics platform continues to grow and evolve with each passing year, integrating applications that are real difference makers for shoppers and retailers alike.

RetailNext refers to the ecosystem of applications built on a comprehensive, consolidated platform as 360-degree retail, and when it’s at its most effective, it mirrors today’s new multichannel shopping journeys. At the RetailNext booth at the BIG Show (booth #3453), RetailNext is collaborating with a few selected partners to demonstrate the wide variety of applications available.

360-Degree Retail

The partners in the booth include:

The commonality of the applications is the integration – via inbound and outbound APIs – into the RetailNext platform, allowing a two-way flow of relevant data and insights to deliver the best shopping experience possible. With data insights, applications are “smart,” and with more data collected with each and every exchange, they become smarter – more relevant, more personal, more valuable.

Success in today’s new retail reality is dependent on creating and delivering shopping experiences that delight shoppers – life’s too short and there are too many shopping alternatives to tolerate anything less than delightful retail – and where art and science connect, delightful shopping experiences begin.

If you’re at #NRF16, please stop by the RetailNext booth (booth #3453) for more information and an up close look at the power of comprehensive retail analytics platforms.

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