4 Simple Steps To Maximize the In-Store Shopping Experience

Alex Jones
Alex Jones
Guest Contributor

Brick-and-mortar stores are often all about the shopper experience, and a few key areas of emphasis are all that’s required to keep stores as a key branded touchpoint in shoppers’ connected journeys.

As e-commerce becomes bigger and bigger, it takes a larger and larger slice out of the in-store market’s share of shoppers’ overall spend. The way to stop this from becoming a major issue for your store is by making the in-store experience as positive as possible for all customers – and there’s plenty of ways you can make this happen, no matter your budget.


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This post, will explore some of the many strategies that’ll maximize shopper experience and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Curate a fitting layout

Casual browsers and ‘mission shoppers’ alike should have all their senses stimulated by your store. Color blocking in bright hues will help draw attention to various displays, while sweet smelling perfumes and aftershaves should be given space to entice customers looking for that perfect aroma.

If you endeavor to be an upmarket store, then make sure you give each of your products room to ‘breathe’ in amongst other merchandise. Pricing items inexpensively and “stack it high and watch it fly” might work in certain stores, but if you’re seeking an air of sophistication, this should be avoided at all costs.

Use the human touch

One advantage brick-and-mortar retail stores have over e-commerce is that shoppers are able to talk to a real people about their shopping choices, rather than rely on an FAQ section of a website or phone a call center. Your retail space should embrace this as a Unique Selling Point (USP) – so train your staff up so they’re enthusiastic experts about whatever product you’re selling, brimming with the knowledge they can’t wait to impart on interested shoppers.

Creating a happy, enthusiastic atmosphere in your store isn’t easy – especially if you have a high turnover of staff. Improving employee benefits and raising pay may well help you foster a better culture amongst staff, and by extension, in your store.

Opt for eye-catching packaging

Packaging can make or break a brand, as well as its flagship store. It needs to be eye-catching, but not too out of the ordinary, as this could put off new customers seeking a fresh take on a certain product. With a little investment, you could make packaging your USP – think Pringles rather than the standard bag of potato chips or the iconic Toblerone triangular prism.

A successful packaging innovation will catapult your brand to wider recognition – and it doesn’t have to be an aesthetic switch. The Danish brewery Carlsberg recently switched to eco-friendly packaging for their cans, which removed the non-biodegradable plastic rings and replaced them with special glue. This garnered positive coverage from the world’s media, something your brand could emulate by going green.

Start a loyalty program

It’s one thing to get people to come to your store – you could easily do that by using social media to promote giveaways and flash sales – but keeping people coming is a different proposition altogether. Establishing a loyalty program is a great way to do exactly this – by rewarding a series of in-store purchases with either a free product or money off their next buy, you’ll increase brand affinity and start to create a cadre of loyal customers.

These repeat customers, in turn, create a positive culture around your store, which may well cement it as a fixture of the local community for years to come – something a website has difficulty in doing.


Image: Unsplash

So, there you have it. While not all of these points will apply to every brick-and-mortar store out there, there’s plenty of inspiration to help stop any negative sales dives right in their tracks. From there, you can build – and who knows what the future might hold?

About the writer: Alex Jones is a content creator for Kendon Packaging. Now one of Britain’s leading packaging companies, Kendon Packaging has been supporting businesses nationwide since the 1930s.

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