4 Ways to Prevent Your Retail Business from Sinking

Alison Choe
Alison Choe

Setting up a retail store perhaps seems an easily accomplishable enterprise, however, it’s keeping your business afloat that causes real […]

Setting up a retail store perhaps seems an easily accomplishable enterprise, however, it’s keeping your business afloat that causes real problems. Most retail business owners are forced to consider closing their shops if they can’t consistently and reliably operate with a positive cash flow and some degree of profitability. In order to avoid watching your retail store going straight down to the bottom, it’s important to pay attention to a few tiny details.

It’s about your customers, not your profit

Yes, we all work to ensure our financial security, this goes without saying. However, trying to make as much profit as you can without really caring about those who keep your business operational is not going to work. Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any business, and particularly so in the retail industry. Shoppers don’t want a store that just sells products they could find in the place next door.

Shoppers want to feel respected, and their initial trust in your store should be acknowledged. Sales and giveaways are good enough reasons for a person to visit your store, but that’s not enough. You should drive most of your attention to really getting to know your consumers and shape your business according to their needs. What you sell should never be more important than to whom you are selling it to. If your core customers are young and single but you’re holding a sale on baby equipment, you’ll likely have an under-performing promotion and more than a few lost customers to show for your efforts. Learn as much as you can about your customers and focus on supplying what they actually need.

Once you fully commit to your shoppers, your brand will develop a positive vibe in people’s mind. You will amass a stable pool of customers, which will help you organize your retail business and plan ahead. This is important because the ability to plan ahead allows you to scale your business and stop hemorrhaging money. In the end, profit will follow and you will have both satisfied clients and a secure retail business future.

There’s no such thing as too much marketing

Large companies pour hundreds of millions of dollars into marketing campaigns in order to assure their brand stays visible. Modern marketing is vibrant, energetic and constantly shifting. New brands pop up almost every day, which means you should constantly be on your toes if you wish to stay in the front row.

Do not wait until there’s a holiday season or some sort of company anniversary to launch a campaign. Work closely with your marketing team and always try to come up with new marketing ideas that represent your brand mission and purpose, what drives your company, and what distinguishes you from all the others on the market. If you stay idle, customers will soon lose you from their sight and your business will go down hard.

In case you are doing your best, but still the results are lacking, consider hiring an external expert to jumpstart your marketing. There are dozens of cheap writing services to assist in creating your marketing content and shining the spotlight back onto you. But don’t think online marketing is the only way to reach new customers. Hire a designer to create interesting graphics solutions you can use for billboards, flyers, etc. The possibilities are almost limitless – all you need to do is have a strong marketing strategy and see it through. Without a creative and planned marketing strategy, it’s going to be a struggle to keep your business operational in the long run.

Too much work for one person

Not to judge anyone’s competence, managing a retail store by yourself is probably not a good idea if you wish to stay in business for the long run. Even if you decide to take the whole thing on your own, eventually your body will show signs of fatigue, and you won’t be able to keep up with the tempo. Hiring the right staff is not an easy thing to do, and you don’t want to hire too much staff right off the bat. Depending on the amount of work necessary, decide how many people do you need and start headhunting. It’s going to take some stretching in the beginning, you’ll have to provide salaries and everything that follows, but with competent staff and constant training, you will produce a team that will do miracles.

No business plan? Big problem!

The lack of a viable business plan is probably the most direct reason that forces people to quit. Without a clear, well-crafted business plan, your company would be like a ship that sails the ocean without a map. It’s good to have an idea; however, you have to cut that idea into segments and fine tune it in such a way that each part of your work process is clear and organized.


Retail businesses are the number one direct employment industry in the United States, with around 29 million people making their living thanks to it. Such a large market demands pure dedication and faith, otherwise, success is difficult to reach. I hope this article will help you avoid traps and lead your retail business all the way to the top.

About the writer: Susan Saurel is a passionate writer from Texas. Also, she’s in love with traveling, and she’s already tried almost all the traveling ways. Teacher of higher category, project manager in an IT company, lovely mom, and wife, she’s ready to share her experience with her readers, and she has something to say, for sure.

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