5 Effective Digital Marketing Techniques for Retailers to Adopt

Melissa Crooks
Guest Contributor

In the cutthroat competitiveness of today’s retail, it’s critical to rise above the noise and engage with shoppers, and a variety of digital marketing tools are empowering retailers to expand upon their go-to-market strategies.

The competition among retail stores has gone to another level. In response, most retailers now adopt several marketing techniques to retain their customers and attract more. Gone are the days when you needed just one marketing technique to be in business. It does not work now.

Some of today’s most popular marketing techniques are outlined below.

1. Mobile app as a marketing tool

Although app developers build mobile apps for purchase convenience, apps have evolved to become marketing tools as well. App developers now include different functions to aid marketing in both Android and iPhone app development.

For instance, top app development companies usually integrate popular social media into mobile apps for a couple of reasons. First, users can sign in with their social media accounts. This is easier and shorter than having to remember your password and having to type it each time you want to log into an app.

Another reason app developers integrate social media into mobile apps is for ease of sharing posts. When you send a post to your users, they can easily share it by pressing the “share’ button. It is just two steps. Tap on the share button and it prompts users to select the social media on which they intend to share the post. Remember that when your customers share your posts, it is to your advantage. It reinforces your brand and boosts your popularity.

App developers also include a function that makes it easy for you to send a single message to all the users of your app at once. Once you have a new product or a new promotional offer, your users will be the first set of people you will advertise to.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is another great marketing technique adopted by retailers. The major benefit of this technique is great profiling. While signing up for your newsletter, your customers provide details about themselves, allowing you to develop proper profiles and send relevant messages to your target audience. This is the reason email marketing yields high return on investment (ROI).

Apart from that, since you will be sending emails to people who are already interested in your brand, a little marketing effort will stir them into making orders. Remember, they signed up for your newsletter. However, to get the best of email marketing, you should not overwhelm your subscribers with adverts. Two thirds of your emails should be informational.

3. Social media marketing

Smart retailers have already taken advantage of the general social media obsession to do some marketing, and it has been yielding great returns. That is why other retailers have joined the bandwagon. If you are serious about making sales then you must create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram account for your business.

After that, you should try to get as many followers as possible. That way, your followers begin to build a relationship with your brand gradually. However, you should always post fresh content regularly to retain and engage your followers, and gain even more. The more interesting or informational your posts are, the more they will be shared.

While you can market your products through social media, ensure your posts are informational and add value other than being a simple promotion. People don’t really like advertisements. They prefer information and even humor. So, you have to adopt an approach of mixing your marketing posts with informational posts and other engaging material.

Lastly, it is better to make frequent use of video clips when possible and practical. Video clips are more engaging and entertaining, and they are the posts shared most. Videos go viral more than other forms of social media posts. In addition, videos linger more in the mind of viewers than just pictures and common text.

4. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques and it is still very effective. It has, however, become more difficult as search engines change their ranking rules and algorithms, and as savvy companies continue to optimize their websites.

Search engine optimization is the process of making your webpages rank high in Google and other search engines. This enables web pages to appear among the first few links in search engine result pages.

The advantage it has over other techniques is that it attracts buyers already in the consideration phase of their buying journeys. It is when a buyer is ready to buy a certain product that he will do some research on it. If your webpages happen to be among the first few links, his chances of clicking any of your web links will be very high.

It takes a lot of effort, patience and hard work to rank high in Google and when your ranking goes up, your visitors will increase and your sales will shoot up. Most importantly, you will remain like that for a pretty long period even if you stop your SEO efforts.

5. Digital display units

Many companies are now showcasing marketing videos on big display screens in malls, super markets and other strategic locations that witness high daily foot traffic. These display units have high traffic volumes, so good video content will likely attract viewers and generate brand impressions.

Some companies own the giant display units while some pay for only a time slot. While some companies place a salesperson beside each large display unit in case of enquiries or purchases, some companies make use of display units that respond to touch. These kind of sophisticated units act like giant tablets. They respond to touches and they respond to enquiries. The best part is that if you ask a question that cannot be answered, the display unit will present a number to you. You can call the number to make your enquiries.

Above are just a few examples of digital marketing strategies and techniques, and all are yielding returns for retailers deploying them. How can a broader array of digital marketing activations benefit your brand, and how are you rising above your competitors to gain a great share of mind of your customers?

About the writer: Melissa Crooks is a content writer who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a leading app development company in New York and India. She is a versatile tech writer who loves exploring the latest in technology trends.

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