5 Key Uses for Mobile Marketing Automation

Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn Chhay
Guest Contributor

More than a buzzword, “mobile marketing” is an integrated and essential part of marketing as a whole - inseparable from a great marketing strategy – and mobile marketing automation reduces time spent on repetitive tasks while building a brand’s audience.

Walk just about anywhere and you will see people immersed in their phones. From frequently checking for notifications to staying engrossed in a specific platform or app, most American adultsing_17215_09019 are on their phones more than ever before. Pew Research Center reported that 92% of American adults have a cell phone and 90% of those users say they “frequently” carry their phones with them. Among smart phone owners, 86% said they use apps several times a day or continuously.

With such high engagement levels centered on mobile devices, it is no wonder that marketers have found their newest focus centering around mobile marketing services and mobile marketing automation. Brands are now centering at least part of their marketing strategy on mobile campaigns. As marketers look to increase their efficiency and improve their effectiveness, they are implementing mobile marketing automation to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Users today expect brands to present a kind of personalized experience that takes their wants andMobile engage pop up v1 needs into consideration. Marketing automation is needed to post frequently, compile user information, track analytics and respond to various user actions. Inbound marketing firms are using mobile marketing automation to improve the experience for mobile device users and implement content optimized for mobile devices.

“Automation” is not the same as “automatic.” Mobile marketing automation (MMA) can’t do the hard parts of marketing for you, it is a tool to reduce the menial tasks and help you manage a much larger audience than you would be able to handle on your own. You can use MMA to replicate your approach to customer experience and cultivation. Marketing automation is also used to help build multichannel campaigns, track engagement, test ideas, schedule content publication and more.

Multichannel Campaigns – You can use MMA to plan out campaigns across various channels, including in-app messages, push notifications, mass texting, emails and newsfeed updates.

Scheduled Campaigns – You shouldn’t be limited to working during inconvenient hours just to get the best posting times for optimum user engagement levels. Using MMA means you will be able to write content in advance and schedule the posting times that work best for reaching your audience. This means you can even capture data on your users and then create campaigns that will adjust posting according to their time zone.

Triggered Campaigns – You can establish campaigns that take specific actions based on user behavior. This might include notifying users of their abandoned cart in order to increase sales, setting up a rewards program based on user engagement or even offering special deals when they are within a specific radius of your brick and mortar location.

Data Analysis – You can use MMA to look at your campaign performance. Use your results to compare campaigns and even set up A/B testing to make sure you are fine tuning your campaigns.

Frequency Capping – Don’t spam users with too much contact. Your MMA features may be able to help you control your text messaging software or email provider to make sure you aren’t over-contacting your audience.

Typing on a mobile phone

While “mobile marketing” might be the newest buzzword, we foresee it will become an integrated and essential part of marketing as a whole. Just like digital marketing is now inseparable from a great marketing strategy, mobile marketing will one day be as well.

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