5 Trends Set to Disrupt Retail Marketing

Martina Sanchez
Guest Contributor

There are many interesting, disruptive, results-driven initiatives taking place in the world of retail shaking up shoppers and business owners, proving retail in all its forms is very much alive and kicking.

While retailers have been battling tough economic markets, the industry has also fought hard to remain as relevant on the high street as it is online.

Though it’s been tough, 2018 has proved that the high street still has a firm place in the hearts of shoppers and will be here to stay for quite some time.

The battles aren’t over, however, and below are five trends that will disrupt retail marketing over the next year and beyond. Watch this space as retailers continue to find new and exciting ways to attract and inspire in 2019.

1 – A New Way of Doing Bricks-and-Mortar

Traditional shops are the bread and butter of the high street, but more experimental versions have been shooting up all over the place. From pop-up stores that function as workshop stations to stores selling very limited stock, the way shops are defined and operated are changing and will continue to do so over the next 12 months.

Tamara Green, a principal analyst at Lastminutewriting and Researchpapersuk, said: “It’s time to change up what we think a normal shop looks like. They are going to be very different over the next year or two. This all helps to reinvigorate the high street and shake up how we shop.”

2 – Personalisation Will Bloom

In a similar vein to their online equivalents, retailers across the board will be looking to personalise their customers’ experiences.

Look out for two major trends that will pop in 2019. Though their applications are somewhat limited, augmented and virtual reality will start being found in shops. Think about taking a virtual stroll through your new kitchen or how you can view your new garden design or flower purchase.

Voice control technology is also taking off, and for technology and home improvement retailers the opportunity to offer and demonstrate devices that control every environmental aspect of your home is too irresistible not to invest in.

3 – Mobile Payment

With contactless already well founded in many shops, the next step is to leave your cash AND card at home and pay by app.

Already there are several card-free apps on offer and retail experts believe the take up will accelerate over the next 12 months.

Some countries are also experimenting with crypto currencies and it seems likely that these methods of payment will also take off in the near future.

4 – Big Fish, Little Fish

As the bigger fish, such as Amazon, grow even larger, it seems probable there will be many more instances of these companies swallowing up smaller companies on the high street and online.

To stay safe from these giants, online products that offer unique services should stay under the radar and far away from the glow of these stores’ orbits.

However, it does appear there will be many more acquisitions and mergers over the next few months.

5 – Private Labels Will Be the Way Forward

As much as the high street will try its best to continue to grow and remain relevant, it will be the private labels from in-house giants that become the most talked about pieces of retail in 2019.

These labels will disrupt retail as we know it and bring about a revolution in customer choice and shopping experience.

Researcher at Draftbeyond and Writinity Daphne Lowe, said: “Online companies will see their private brand offer grow hugely and shoppers will be surprised at what’s going to come on the market in the next few weeks and months, particularly in the area of clothing.”

The next 12 months are going to be very exciting and all eyes are set on how the global retail trade is going to cope with ongoing financial and economic challenges. The big giants look set to continue their rise but that’s not to say the smaller fish in the sea can’t compete favourably on their own terms.

There are lots of interesting, disruptive, results-driven initiatives taking place in the world of retail that will shake up shoppers and business owners, proving retail in all its forms is far from dead and very much alive and kicking.

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