7 Simple Ways to Promote Customer Reviews for a Successful Retail Business

Jeff Blaylock
Guest Contributor

Customer reviews are now viewed as the ‘new backlinks’ as search engines factor them to a greater degree, and a few well-placed pro tips will spur your customers to leave positive reviews and greatly benefit your retailing business.

Many factors affect a customer’s decision before buying items from a given company, whether online or in physical stores. But why are customer reviews so crucial to any business? Customer reviews are highly beneficial to your business or brand and have the potential of increasing your overall sales compared to paid ads. Statistics show that 90 percent of shoppers find and read reviews online before visiting a retail store or site for purchase. Continue reading this post to be fully equipped with tips on how to get customers to leave reviews that can help boost your retail sales.

1 – Ensure Your Content is Fully Optimized

Optimize webpages, social profiles, blog posts and emails to allow shoppers and customers faster channels to offer their reviews. Things like properly set-up website badges are optimization strategies that help refer customers to your social media pages as well as Amazon or other online platforms. Additionally, ensure your website is optimized for mobile devices for those shoppers who visit it using devices such as smartphones.

2 – Offer Incentives

Your customers are as valuable as your time, so make sure to give them a reason for leaving a positive review. Giving out incentives inspires customers to write positive reviews for things like coupons, special discounts, or prize contests. Another way is to offer gift cards for online shopping, coffee, or other benefits.

3 – Go to Your Customers

Ensure your customer review request conforms to the avenue with which you want the review to be posted. For instance, when emailing customers requesting a review, ensure the emails link to the exact point where feedback can be posted. When you need positive reviews on your company’s Facebook page, use Messenger to send your message. Furthermore, ensure your message is as integrated as possible when you require cross-platform customer reviews.

4 – Respond to All Customer Reviews

Remember, everyone is prone to mistakes, and even a simple one can lead to a customer making a potentially devastating one-star review on your social pages or website. You need to be thoughtful, though, when responding to negative reviews, to find a proper resolution. Doing so can eventually save the reputation of your retail business.

5 – Share Positive Reviews Received

When customers write positive reviews, it is wise to share them to inspire others do the same. For instance, EssayOnTime.com.au is sharing some positive customer reviews of their article about how to write a good review through social media platforms and tagging the customer. This way, it keeps the positive review momentum going. Additionally, never underestimate the power of social proof as a powerful business marketing strategy. Ensure you share such reviews on your company’s social media pages to reach a wider audience.

6 – Engage Your Customers Personally

If your role in the company allows you to have a closer relationship with your customer portfolio, don’t be afraid to indulge them. Ask them about how they can review their personal experience with your brand. In case they provide great reviews, appreciate their opinion and that you’ll value their efforts to spread the word to newer potential clients. 

7 – Host Remarkable Customer-Oriented Events

You can host customer-based events to help you create numerous opportunities to ask your customers for positive reviews. This approach is quite crucial as it goes just beyond what products or services your company sells. It provides a window of opportunity to seek positive reviews from your clients.


If you have been wondering how to inspire positive customer reviews for your retail business, there you have it! Remember, reviews are now termed as the new backlinks because search engines like Google evaluate review strength on history and actions of the reviewer.  For example, customers with active and vibrant social media profiles can have a positive impact on your website’s rankings. From optimizing your website to personally engaging customers, these are your simple pro tips to help you succeed. Follow these seven simple tips to encourage positive customers reviews that can boost your retail business.

About the writer: Jeff Blaylock has worked his way up the ladder as an expert writer and SEO professional. He has gained experience over the years on matters touching on SEO and Marketing. He offers his knowledge on the importance of customer reviews for successful retail business through his blogs.

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