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[INFOGRAPHIC] Amazon Prime Day Promises Showdown with Walmart

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

Amazon Prime Day promises deals bigger and better than Black Friday, and stores like Walmart and Target are responding with sales in kind. This infographic from WebpageFX breaks down the “tale of the tape” between Amazon and Walmart.

Amazon is celebrating its 20th birthday today with its Amazon Prime Day, a single-day prime-day-july-15extravaganza promising shopping deals bigger and better than Black Friday itself.

There’s always a catch though. Today’s catch is that a shopper has to be an Amazon Prime member – with its $99 annual membership fee – to take advantage of the Prime Day promotions.

To combat Amazon Prime Day, Walmart, Target and other retailers are running deep discounts on sales of their very own, creating a sizzling shopping fervor, with a very distinctive “holidays in July” feel.

So, in a battle of retailing titans, how does Amazon stack up to Walmart? WebpageFX has created the infographic below, and it provides a nice “tale of the tape” as the two set out to win the heart and minds (and wallets) of shoppers. 

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Amazon vs. Walmart

Created by WebpageFX