Ensuring Stores Stay Relevant in the Era of Connected Shopping Journeys [INFOGRAPHIC]

Talitha Loftus
Talitha Loftus
Marketing Manager

Today’s shoppers embark on connected journeys, and to ensure stores stay relevant in shoppers’ minds, retailers have several mission-critical capabilities to leverage to deliver the exceptional shopping experiences all consumers seek.

Today’s shopper is connected; they’re comfortable moving across a multichannel marketplace powered by options and convenience. This forces retailers to rethink their approaches to engagement and work smarter to maximize a physical storefront in the digital age. 

Rather than trying to compete with e-commerce channels, stores need to move toward a broadened value proposition for shoppers – offering a level of curation, service, experience and entertainment that can’t be satisfied solely online.

The infographic below created by Udizine, “Staying Relevant In Retail In The Digital Age” explores key tips and strategies retailers can use to deliver exceptional shopping experiences.  

Topics the infographic explores include:

  • Emphasizing the in-store experience
  • Boosting social media marketing
  • Taking advantage of localized SEO
  • Offering in-store pick up
  • Creating a rewards program

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