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Gaps Between Shoppers & Retailers Persist

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

As much as it tries to keep pace with shoppers’ changing behaviors, the retail industry is lagging behind, and the gap in expectations and perceptions between shoppers and retailers remains stubborn and persistent.

If you have any doubt that shoppers have changed the way they shop, you’re just not paying attention. Today’s shoppers are comfortable with technology and seamlessly navigate across all channels and touchpoints as they embark on their shopping journeys.

That is if retailers and brands are structured and operationalized in ways that allow shoppers seamless navigation.

RetailNext recently commissioned a study from Forrester Consulting to evaluate the in-store customer experience and retail’s digital capabilities. After conducting in-depth surveys with 500 consumers and 150 retail decision makers in the United States and United Kingdom, two findings rose to the top:

  1. Consumer and retailer perceptions and expectations are not aligned (and in many cases, aren’t even close)
  2. Many retail stores lack the technology to measure and harness shopper data across channels

Excellence in Customer Experience

The findings of the study suggest that stores of the very near future will be powered by real-time analytics and other technologies that not only convey an understanding of shopper behaviors across their entire shopping journey, but also empower store associates to deliver consistent, relevant and personalized in-store shopping experiences.

Key Findings

Gap in perceptions and expectations

For the full findings of the study, download your free copy of the Forrester report, “Real-Time Data Drives the Future of Retail,” today.

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