Going B-I-G with Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nick Rojas
Nick Rojas
Guest Contributor

Shoppers’ collective love affair with mobile technologies has made mobile the new front door of the store, making it critical for your brand to optimize your mobile webpage, fix usability problems, and find other ways to improve the shopping experience.

Mobile usage is up – way up. More than 70% of all digital minutes spent in the United States can be attributed to mobile devices. If a person wants to research something, pay a bill online, or check their social media accounts, there’s an excellent chance they’ll use a mobile device to do it. Of course, that’s to say nothing of the time people spend texting, calling each other, taking pictures, listening to music, and playing with various apps. Make no mistake: our phones are more important to us now than they have been previously. Our mobile devices have gone from being luxuries to accessories, and from accessories to necessities.

Consumers aren’t the only people who should be aware of the role mobile devices play in modern life, either. Increasingly, smart and ambitious marketers need to be on the alert for information that can help them reach mobile users. Brands that want to be successful have to ask themselves specific questions. How likely are potential customers to redeem mobile coupons? How many consumers use their smartphones to shop for products? Is there a link between phone use and conversion rates? Anybody who wants to make money from the mobile market needs to know the answers, and stay on top of them as trends change.

The sheer amount of data that exists on mobile usage is staggering, and sorting through it all would take an immense effort. Fortunately, our friends at PhoneCheck have taken on that responsibility so that you don’t have to worry about it. Below, you’ll find an infographic with all kinds of useful mobile statistics. Use this information to optimize your mobile webpage, fix usability problems, and find other ways to improve your user experience. Once you do, you’ll find that it’s easy to make our collective love of mobile technology work wonders for your business.

About the writer: Nick Rojas combines 20 years of experience working with and consulting for small to medium business and a passion for journalism to help readers grow. He writes about technology, marketing, and social media for the aspiring entrepreneur. When Nick is not sharing his expertise, he can be found spending time at the beach with his dog Presto.

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