Good Customer Service: Understanding Its Importance [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Marketing

Great customer service is the differentiator necessary for long-term retail success, and this new infographic presents ideas around what great customer service is and how it can be delivered and further improved upon.

Every retailer will tell you the key to a great shopping experience is excellence in customer service. Nordstrom’s nearly $8 billion valuation has been built largely on that single corporate value.

Ah, but if only great customer service were easy – if it were, we wouldn’t have to worry about categorizing; it would just be “customer service.”

So, what is good customer service, how can it be achieved and how do organizations improve upon the service levels they currently deliver? Check out the new infographic from Cube, below, and gather the tips necessary for your retail organization to lift its customer service game.

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