High Time for Stores’ Digital Integration [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Guest Contributor

There’s a new shopper today, and with her mobile device she’s armed with the power of the Internet, reshaping her shopping journey with a distinctly digital flair and putting the onus on retailers to change in order to earn her business.

At RetailNext, we’ve been saying it for years now – technology has empowered shoppers and forever changed their shopping journeys. For the first time ever, shoppers are in control, and the figurative swords they wield are their mobile devices.

Increasingly, shopping journeys – and, yes, even those that involve the brick-and-mortar channel –
are performed within a larger digital atmosphere. Whether its researching products early in the shopping journey or looking for service post-purchase, shoppers have the digital tools literally in the palm of their hands.

Resistance, as it’s been said, is futile.

True to its “fast follower” industry reputation, retail is responding quickly. Best-in-class retailers no longer “silo” their online and in-store operations and support structures, and have forged seamless, consistent branded experience across all shopper touchpoints. Those are the enterprises who are developing “retailer of choice” status with consumers.

RetailVision’s infographic below, “Is It High Time to Go Digital,” was created with statistics from the United Kingdom, but its narrative speaks to global retail. The time to fully embrace and integrate digital and physical channels isn’t today, but rather yesterday.

There’s a new shopper and a new shopping journey – how is your retailing business reimagining its service delivery model?

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