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Holiday 2014: What stores can expect

Ray Hartjen
Ray Hartjen
Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations

Retailers continue to push the “holiday season” more forward from Black Friday – here’s what they can expect at the storefront this year.

PumpkinAfter a long wait and a lot of planning, the retail holiday shopping season is finally upon us. While there has been an intense public debate in the media on retailers and their Thanksgiving store schedules – should they open or not? – the focus now shifts to crowds, sales, and the season’s hottest, “must have” items.

Saturday, December 20 will be a busy day at store and malls, but the biggest shopping day of the season – and year – will continue to be Black Friday, November 28. The infographic below spells out how RetailNext sees the coming Thanksgiving weekend going.

And, a final word of warning to retailers – because of Christmas Day falling on a Thursday, one of the biggest weekends in Holiday 2014 will be the three-day weekend shopping bonanza being predicted for December 26-28. The day after Christmas won’t be about returns, but new sales opportunities!

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