Hooking Your Shoppers with the FISH! Philosophy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Talitha Loftus
Talitha Loftus
Marketing Manager

The best retail stories usually involve the most magical and memorable shopping experiences, and the roadmap for creating those experiences can be discovered in a cold, damp fish market in the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to the age of the empowered shopper, where retailers fly or fail based on the customer
service they provide. Customer service, by definition, is about serving people, and it should be genuine, personalized, and compassionate – or, simply put,
human. According to American Express, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.

Introducing the FISH! Philosophy, a simple but effective concept that focuses on delivering memorable and magical customer service that everyday shoppers so badly crave. The FISH! philosophy was discovered by the filmmaker John Christensen in 1998 at the famed Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle. Despite the cold and harsh working conditions, John was captivated by the vibrant energy of the fishmongers and their genuine love for their customers.

The infographic below, entitled,  “The Fish Story: the philosophy that will change your business customer service,” explores the four basic principles of the FISH! Philosophy:  1) being present, 2) playing at work, 3) making someone’s day and 4) choosing the right attitude – four principles easily transferred to most any retail enterprise.

The FISH! Philosophy harnesses the power of positive change in both the workplace and personal life. To see how you can apply these basic principles in your retail business, carry on reading..

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